Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313
Watching her teammates arguing with the thug, Sophie walted for the opportunity to fire a bullet at his right hand. The latter was immediately disarmed, and his knife fell to the floor.
However, the thug was still reluctant to let go of the hostage. He rolled on the ground to pick up his fallen knife.
Then, Sophie quickly ran toward the thug to s****h the hostage away from him. However, the thug thrust his knife in her direction. In order to keep the child from harm, Sophie turned her body around. At that critical moment, Bailey rushed forward and kicked the thug away.
Sam smiled and walked toward the two of them. He came to Jason and patted him on the shoulder. “You’re in the zone this time. Well done!”
Arielle also thought that Jason did a great job as he only used one take for that scene.
After all, he needed at least three or four takes for the previous scene, which agitated her.
“Okay! That’s all for today’s filming. Let’s wrap it up!
When the filming was finally over, Arielle couldn’t help but exhale a long sigh of relief. At that moment, Sasha came over and informed her that Vinson called and was waiting for her outside.
Surprised that Vinson would come over, Arielle took leave of Sam and walked out without even removing her makeup.
Jason felt a little displeased to see Arielle leave. He felt bad for her for loving a cheating man.
In fact, he still didn’t believe what Arielle told him. After all, it was common for a man of Vinson’s status to be with several women, and he wondered why Arielle would deceive herself.
“Aren’t you going home?” Sam asked when he noticed the motionless Jason, oblivious to his sentiments.
“I’m going now,” Jason replied and immediately strode out. He wanted to see if Vinson really loved Arielle wholeheartedly as she said.
Meanwhile, Gracie hastily bid farewell to Sam and hurried off when she saw Jason walking away.
Outside the studio, a Rolls-Royce was parked by the road. A tall man stepped out of the car as soon as Arielle approached.
“Are you cold?” Vinson walked to her side and reached out to hold her hand.
Arielle was happy to see Vinson. However, she was also anxious at the same time. Although she was worried about her adoptive parents, she suppressed her emotions and smiled. “I’m not cold at all.”
“Are you tired? Let’s go for a movie after dinner.” Vinson held Arielle’s hand and walked to the car. Then, he opened the door to the passenger seat and waited for her to enter. After that, he went around the front and sat in the driver’s seat.
“Why are you driving today?” Arielle struck up a conversation with him to distract herself from worrying about her adoptive parents.
“Because I want to bring you out on a date like a normal couple.” Then, Vinson kissed her hand. Arielle gave him a sideways glance and smiled smugly. “Is Mr. Nightshire guilty of something?”
. “Yes, I am.” Suddenly, Vinson leaned toward Arielle’s ear and whispered in a deep, seductive voice, “I’m
guilty of not bringing my wife to the movies and holding her hand while crossing the road. I feel so sorry for not giving her experiences that every other couple enjoys.”
As his warm breath hit the back of her ears, she shuddered in response, and her cheeks began to blush as she pushed Vinson away. “Why must you speak so close to me?”

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