Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315
· “What are you looking at?”
As Vinson strode toward Arielle with popcorn and soda in his hands, he chuckled and teased when he saw her staring ahead:
“I’m looking at you!” Arielle returned to her senses and crossed her arms. She gave him a sidelong glance and remarked, “Hmph, as expected of Mr. Nightshire. You’re so eye-catching even with a mask
Chuckling, Vinson walked over to her and put the popcorn in her arms while holding the soda in one hand and circling her waist with the other. Then, he leaned his head forward and snickered next to her ear. “Are you jealous?”
“You wish!”
Arielle snorted and shot a glare at the women who were staring at Vinson. Indeed, she was jealous.
You women can look all you want. He won’t be yours anyway.
The incident with Penelope might have triggered her tendency to get jealous. She felt like she was becoming more like an ordinary girl when it came to relationships.
Looking at the pouting Arielle, Vinson was even more head over heels for her.
When he was with Penelope back then, he didn’t notice her jealousy at all. One could only imagine how troubled he felt.
However, he felt a sense of relief right then when he saw Arielle behaving that way, knowing that she truly loved him.
Vinson smiled and said, “I belong to you. Not just my body but my heart as well. No one else can take me away. Arielle, only you can have me completely.”
Upon hearing that, Arielle let out a smile as a surge of warmth rose in her heart.
Vinson was extremely considerate. He had even prepared a change of clothes for Arielle when he came to pick her up. Otherwise, she would be trending on the internet if she were to walk on the streets in her police uniform.
“You’re such a smooth talker,” Arielle said and hit him lightly before withdrawing herself from his embrace.
“Come on, the movie is about to start.”
Although Arielle wore a face mask, Vinson could discern her embarrassment and delight. He stepped forward, grabbed her hand, and led her into the theater,
“What a perfect couple.”
A girl commented when she saw Vinson, a slender man who was close to two meters tall, queueing to buy popcorn. Even with his face mask on, she noticed his exceptional temperament. Initially, she wanted to strike up a conversation with him to see if she could get lucky with him.
But when she saw him walking toward Arielle, she immediately felt envious and thought that the woman was just lucky to meet such a fine man.
However, after watching the couple’s interaction, she realized that Vinson wasn’t someone she could ever have a chance to be with, especially when she noticed that his eyes were filled with affection for
Meanwhile, Arielle had no idea that it only took a while for someone to develop feelings for Vinson before realizing she couldn’t be with him upon seeing the couple who were a match made in heaven.
However, Arielle wouldn’t take it to heart even if she knew. After all, Vinson just told her that she was the only woman in the world who could have his heart and body.
The couple walked into the theater with their fingers intertwined. After that, they found their seats and sat down.
At that moment, there were still four to five minutes before the movie started. Apart from the empty. seats in their vicinity, the theater was almost full.

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