Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318 

Vinson touched the tip of his nose, feeling guilty for going overboard just now. 

“What breakfast? It is now time for lunch,” Arielle replied indignantly. 

Vinson chuckled and took a dress from the wardrobe. He wanted to help her get dressed, but she rejected his offer, “I can put on the dress myself. You should leave first.” 

I don’t want him to help me with that. What if he can’t control his urges again? If he wants another round, I don’t think i can even make it to the film shooting. 

On the other hand, Vinson did not know what was on Arielle’s mind and shook his head dejectedly. “Fine, I’ll leave.” 

Around half an hour after Vinson left, the housekeeper brought food to the room. Arielle finished her lunch and lay on the couch to read the script. 

“Should I hire a manager?” Arielle considered for a moment as she knew that most actors had their own managers. Therefore, she wondered if she should get one too. However, she only planned to continue acting for two months. Once she finished filming this movie, she did not intend to work as an actress anymore. Thus, she wondered if finding a manager was the right thing to do. 

Arielle remained conflicted, so she messaged Vinson, wanting to know what he thought. 

When Vinson received her message, he gave her a call immediately. 

“Don’t worry about getting a manager. My company has business in the film industry, so there is a department for it. I can easily arrange a manager from my company for you. If you decide to stop acting after two months, she can return to work in the company,” Vinson said in a low and mellow voice, which instantly dissipated her concern. 

“Thank you, Darling!” Arielle replied shyly and hung up immediately. 

Vinson’s heart overflowed with bliss when Arielle called him ‘Darling.’ 

Since Arielle had resolved the problem of getting a manager, she packed her things and decided to head to the set earlier. She wanted to request a leave from Sam to go to Lightspring after finishing her scenes for that day. While she was away, he could film scenes for other actors. As for Vinson, she planned to tell him that she had to go to Lightspring for filming. 

When Arielle was about to head out, Rayson arrived with two women. 

“Mrs. Nightshire, they are the manager and assistant that Mr. Nightshire arranged for you,” Rayson explained and introduced the two women. 

Soon, Arielle found out that the capable-looking woman with short hair in a black suit would be her manager for the coming two months. Her name was Joan Fraser. Meanwhile, the adorable-looking woman with a ponytail and a round face was Coco Sainz, her assistant, 

Rayson left soon after introducing them as he had a lot of work waiting for him in the company. 

Joan looked at Arielle and asked, “Ms. Moore, are you going out?” 

The former seemed to be in her late thirties, so Arielle smiled and said, “You can call me Sannie. Yes, I have a film shooting this afternoon, so I wish to head there earlier.” 

Joan had a favorable first impression of Arielle. She was the top manager in Nightshire Group and was in charge of two award-winning actors- Kean Ryder and Mla Snow. 

Both of them had completed their projects recently and planned to take a break for two months before taking up new work. Initlally, Joan also planned to rest for two months, but Vinson’s call disrupted all her plans. 

She was unwilling to give up her break, but Vinson put in a lot of good words about Arielle to convince her. In the end, she had no choice but to come here. Furthermore, she had only herself to blame for working for someone like him.

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