Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320 Romantic Development

“Cut!” Sam was pleased with the take. “Nice job! You two really brought depth to the characters.”

“What about me?” chirped a bright voice. “How did I do, Mr. Sleight?”

The speaker was the child who was in Arielle’s arms. Sam beamed down at him. “You did well too! I’m very happy with that take.”

“Be sure to give me a call if you have to cast a kid again!” said the boy as he handed Sam a piece of paper. “Here is my number. Please keep it safe.” Sam was fond of the boy, and he accepted the paper handed to him while assuring the boy that he would. Convinced that he had already secured some roles for the future, the boy ran to his mother’s side and gave her a peck on the cheek to the delight of the adults in the vicinity.

Filming of the next scene began twenty minutes later.

It involved the character Sophie coming across the robbery of an old woman while on the way home from work. Upon apprehension of the thief, she would narrowly avoid being stabbed with Bailey’s timely arrival.

“Help!” the old woman cried as soon as the cameras began rolling. “Thief!”

Sophie was about to walk home upon descending the bus when she heard the cry. Identifying the perpetrator a second later, she gave chase immediately.

“Drop the bag!” Sophie shouted as she came within earshot of the thief.

“Mind your own business!” snarled the actor playing the thief with unnerving menace as he ducked around a corner.

Sophie gritted her teeth, furious at how a man with perfect command of his faculties would resort to petty acts of crime against a defenseless old woman.

“I’m a cop!” Sophie shouted. “Drop the bag and I’ll go easy on you.”

However, the thief ran even faster upon hearing that. Suddenly, in accordance with the script, he tripped and fell hard onto the ground. By the next instant, Sophie had caught up to him.

As she pinned his arm behind his back, the thief unsheathed a dagger with his other arm. Flipping around without warning, he made to thrust the dagger into Sophie’s stomach in such a way that she would not be able to avoid it. At that critical moment, the silhouette of a man appeared in a flash as it aimed a vicious kick at the thief. With the combined efforts of Sophie and the newcomer, the thief was subdued and sent to the police station.

“Thank you!” Sophie said with a smile of gratitude while feeling surprised at Bailey’s arrival.

Despite the dimness of the lighting, Sophie’s smile shone bright like the sun in Bailey’s vision. He found his pulse quickening uncontrollably.

Taking a deep breath, he met Sophie’s gaze after recollecting himself. “Don’t mention it. It’s the right thing to do.” After a moment’s pause, he went on, “Please take care of yourself in situations like this in the future. No matter how good of a cop you are, you’re still a woman.”

“Cut! Excellent work, Jason! The romantic feeling Bailey is starting to develop for Sophie has been perfectly captured!”

Sam patted Jason on the shoulder in praise before turning to Arielle. “And you,” he continued, “The entire flow of your scene was smoothly executed. Well done, Arielle.”

Upon conclusion of the scene, Arielle found the opening she needed to speak to ask Sam for a leave.

“How many days do you need?” Sam asked with an apprehensive frown as they were on a tight schedule.


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