Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1322

Chapter 1322 Right Back At You

Vinson brought the bowl back downstairs when Arielle was done while she brushed her teeth. By the time he came back up, she was already slumped on the couch, browsing social media on her phone.

“Vinson, I’m going to Lightspring tomorrow for filming.”

Arielle had been plagued for a long time to come up with a valid reason to go abroad without drawing attention to her true motives. When Vinson came out of the shower, the words tumbled out of her lips. She was afraid that she might not have the courage to utter them again if she did not grab hold of the opportunity.

“Lightspring?” Vinson repeated with a frown. Not keen to be apart from her for an extended period of time, he began expounding on the social unrest in the city and how he feared for her safety. As much as he would like to tell her not to go, it was not Vinson’s place to stop her from doing her job. After a moment’s thought, he suggested, “Let me come with you. Since there is nothing to do at work of late, it can be a vacation for me.”

Arielle was astounded by his ability to change tacts at the speed of light.

The man explicitly said that I am not allowed to tell Vinson or anybody about this. How am I going to refuse his company without arousing suspicion?

“It may be a vacation for you,” Arielle said huffily in mock outrage, “but I take my job very seriously. How is it fair that you get to enjoy yourself while I work?”

Vinson walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “I’ll sit in the studio with you while you work. When you’re done, we can tour the city before coming back if you have time to spare.”

“Forget it,” Arielle said flatly. “I’m not going to be able to concentrate when I know you’re watching. Besides, what if something happens in the company that requires your attention? I’d better go myself.” Arielle was becoming increasingly panicked at his insistence to come along. What if the man sees Vinson and kills them on the spot? I can’t gamble with their lives.

“Are you keeping something from me, Sannie? Why can’t I come with you?” Vinson was under the impression that Arielle was only refusing to let him join her because she was worried that a company crisis that only he could solve would arise in his absence.

Arielle made a mental note to pace herself as she was dangerously close to arousing his suspicions. “All right,” she relented at last. “But on the condition that the two of us travel slightly apart from each other to avoid being photographed by the media.”

Vinson agreed reluctantly. Since Arielle is now an artist, the media would definitely have a slew of slanderous headlines ready if I am photographed next to her. As much as I’d like to sit next to her on the plane, I would bring her nothing but trouble by doing so.

As Arielle did not expect that Vinson would be coming with her, she had not packed his luggage. Disentangling herself from his strong arms, she proceeded to pack his things in a carry-on for him.

Vinson watched Arielle adoringly as the corners of his lips curled with contentment. It used to be my assistant who did these things for me. Now I have a wife who does it out of love. This kind of happiness is what some people spend a lifetime searching for but never finding.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Vinson hugged her from behind and buried his face in the nape of her neck. “I appreciate your existence in my life, Darling.”

“Right back at you.” Arielle lay the last folded shirt carefully into the suitcase. After zipping the suitcase up, she turned around and placed her hands around his neck, reciprocating his smile. I used to face everything on my own, but having Vinson in my life means that I never have to do that anymore. He is so worried for my safety, even when I’m only shooting a scene, that he insists on coming along. This must be what being in love feels like.

Her smile made his heart skip a beat. Lifting her chin with a finger, he bent down and kissed her lips.

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