Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400 Someone Is Jealous

In Arielle’s eyes, detectives were quick-witted, highly capable, and tactful with words. Xavier, however, was simple and honest.

“I’ve got to get moving now. Seize time to give Vinson a call, okay?” he reminded before striding off.

Arielle called Vinson right after he left.

It was past midnight in Chanaea. Vinson had just settled his work matter in the study room of the Nightshire residence.

A while ago, Harvey had texted that he had Harrison’s permission to look for Arielle in Turlen with Vinson. Hence, the former requested Vinson to notify him before they were supposed to set off.

Nonetheless, Vinson was well aware of how Harrison doted on Harvey. Furrowing his brows, he wondered why the elderly would allow Harvey to take the risk of following him there.

He planned to give Harrison a call to have a grasp of the situation when it rang abruptly.

“Hello!” He answered the phone, his voice low and deep.

It seemed like ages since Arielle had last heard his voice. The moment she heard the familiar voice she had been longing for, she was on the brink of tears instantaneously. Seconds later, tears started to trickle down her cheeks. Holding her phone, she could not even utter any words.

“Hello?” Vinson knitted his brows, suspecting that it could be a prank call. He was about to hang up, but caught his breath the next second.

“Darling, it’s me!” A familiar voice sounded from the other end of the line.

Astounded, Vinson got to his feet instantly. “Sannie, is that you? Am I hearing things?”

“Darling, it’s me! Oh, my… I miss you so much!” Arielle yelled. Tears started flowing down her cheeks like streams.

Before that, she would not have the courage to call Vinson repeatedly with the endearment, feeling awkward about expressing her affection toward him.

Nevertheless, no words could describe how much she missed him at the moment. They had neither met nor contacted each other for quite a long time. Thus, she could no longer restrain herself from calling him that way. It was as though she was reciting a magic word that could transmit her affection toward him over the phone.

Vinson’s heart wrenched when he heard her sobbing. He could barely wait to be by her side to console her with an embrace and loving kisses.

“Don’t cry. I’ll be able to meet you soon.”

“I heard from Xavier that you’ll be able to travel here illegally on a cargo ship sometime later.” Arielle sniffled and queried in great concern, “How’s your wound? Are the stitches removed? Have you had your follow-up checkup?”

Her concern really warmed his heart. Stifling his sheer longing for her, Vinson replied gently, ”I’m fine now. The stitches have been removed as well. Don’t worry about me. Take great care of yourself and your parents over there, okay? I’ll be there soon.”

His words, too, sent ripples of warmth into Arielle’s heart. She mumbled, “Okay! Be careful while on your way here.”

“I know. You don’t have to worry about me.” After a pause, he uttered hesitantly, “Sannie, how about the brat Aaron?”

She realized her husband was green with envy. In an instant, her red-rimmed eyes glittered with sparkles of smiles as she teased, “Are you jealous?”

“Yeah! I’m jealous!” he admitted right away. How could I be unperturbed when my woman is with that brat now? Gosh! They must be getting more closely acquainted with each other all this while!

He got all riled up whenever he recalled how Aaron had taken Arielle to Turlen with his underhand tactic. Even though he and Arielle had been attempting to set foot in the country, it never came across his mind that he would one day smuggle himself there to reunite with her.

Arielle could not help feeling amused at Vinson’s jealousy and chuckled despite their current circumstance.

“Sannie…” There was a hint of unmissable affection in his tone.

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