Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1401

Chapter 1401 I Am Yours

Arielle blushed to Vinson’s whiny purrs. She didn’t want Vinson to be sad and green in envy because of someone unimportant. “Vinson, listen to me,” Arielle said to him. “I, Arielle Moore, am yours till the end of time, and I won’t let anyone come close to me.”

She meant what she said, and as long as Vinson was true to her, she would devote herself wholly to him. No one would have the chance to get close to her and vice versa.

Her sincere vow astounded Vinson to the core.

“Sannie, I, Vinson Nightshire, promise to do the same.” Vinson reciprocated resolutely.

The two lovebirds then chattered on. Although Vinson was more of a listener and didn’t speak much, Arielle could sense his worries. To soothe his troubled mind, she tried to convince him of her well-being. “I’m doing pretty good here, so don’t fret too much about me. The detective you’ve hired knows what he’s doing and even got me a phone. I’ll be able to contact you, furtively, though, every time I come to the school.”

Vinson was a tad jealous of Xavier when Arielle complimented the latter, but he was ever grateful to him and decided to transfer him more money after the call.

“You know I’m just a call away.” Vinson’s gaze into space softened.

“Vinson, I’d love to stay on the line, but I have to go now, or they might find out about this.” Arielle didn’t want to hang up but she had no choice.

Like how his heart contracted, Vinson’s clutch on his phone tightened. Yet, he feigned indifference. “Ok, I understand. Take care and wait for me.”

Beep—They hung up the phone.

“Ari, Ari…”

After hanging up, Arielle could hear Aaron calling her name persistently. Without wasting a second, she shoved her phone into her bag, took a few deep breaths, and walked out of the restroom.

“What now? Am I not allowed to use the restroom in peace?” Arielle growled at Aaron to mask any trace of foulness.

“I’m worried about you!” Aaron felt wronged.

Seeing him looking upset, Arielle thought that she had overdone it. Yeah, I shouldn’t have shouted at him. He was genuinely worried about me.

“Okay, okay. I didn’t say you did anything wrong.” She held her composure.

“But you growled at me.”

Arielle popped her eyes wide at him. What a rascal! So what if I did? He was the one who interrupted my call with Vinson.

Just as she thought she ought to be nicer to Aaron, the image of Vinson in her head changed her mind. “So what if I growled at you? You deserve more than that.”

Aaron couldn’t understand what ticked Arielle off. All I did was check on her. What did I do wrong? He was more confused than ever.

“Come on, chill. As long as it makes you happy, you may shout or snarl at me as you wish.” Aaron gave her permission to throw a fit.

There was no way Arielle could snarl at those puppy eyes. Aaron’s pitiful posture softened her hard stance.

“Let’s just go home.” Arielle gave him a glance and walked toward the school gate, where her chauffeur had been waiting there for a while.

Home. What a warm and fuzzy word.

Aaron had never felt at home in the longest time. His parents live in different households. Although his father was the nicest to him, the void in him was constantly there.

As for his mother, she was the ideal parent when he was a child. She carried him, rocked him to sleep, told him bedtime stories, made him all sorts of tasty treats, and played with him. However, things took a turn later on.

Aaron wallowed in dejection as he walked down the memory lane.

“Hey, hurry up! Are you coming home with me or not? I’m gonna go now if you dallied any further!” Arielle was losing her patience as she was already in the car while Aaron was still trudging his way to the vehicle.

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