Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1402

Chapter 1402 Do Not Let Anyone Come Close To You

Arielle’s voice was music to Aaron’s ears, and it drew a smile across his face. The heaviness in his steps vanished.

Back then, Aaron brought her here with the intention of marrying her because he thought she was an interesting lady. Now, he was attracted to her because of the warmth she exuded unknowingly, and that soothed his taut nerves.

“Ari, can I stay with you? I feel so lonely staying on my own.” Aaron tried to get a hold of this newly found warmth by exposing his vulnerability.

“No.” Without hesitation, Arielle rejected him.

She wasn’t going to let anyone come near her.

“But Ari, please.” He imitated Pat’s purrs, hoping for a yes.

“Stop it. Stop behaving like Pat. You’re so childish.” Arielle gave him a soft slap on his head.

“Ari, please, I beg you. Let me stay with you. You can imagine how lonely it feels to live alone in a huge mansion like mine, can’t you?” Aaron whined.

“You? Lonely? Where are your parents?” Arielle lifted her brow.

“They don’t live together, and I don’t know with whom I should live.” Aaron’s head drooped when Arielle mentioned his parents.

Oh, poor thing. From that, Arielle thought that Aaron’s parents had divorced and showed him sympathy.

“You’re never gonna stay at my place, but you’re allowed to come and have a meal once in a while.” That was the most Arielle would allow.

“Okay.” Aaron was overjoyed but acted like he was disheartened still. He wasn’t planning to go to Arielle’s occasionally. He was determined to visit her every day as he loved the way her family interacted. To him, that’s what home should be like.

Arielle thought the best thing that had happened to her today was being able to talk to Vinson over the phone. Little did she know that another pleasant surprise was waiting for her at Paelsford Manor.

“Morrison? What are you doing here?” Aaron asked.

“I’m here to give Ms. Moore her phone.” Morrison took out a box and handed it to Arielle. “Ms. Moore, the restrictions in the manor had been removed. You may contact anyone you like from now on.”

Morrison then passed her a laptop that was placed on the table. “Also, this laptop is for you.”

Arielle took the phone and the laptop excitedly as that meant she could finally talk to Vinson without the need to be discreet, and she fell into a spur moment of bliss.

Opposed to Arielle, Aaron couldn’t feel worse at the good news and pulled a long face.

Why did they remove the restrictions and gave her a laptop and a phone? That means she could call and chat with Vinson regularly, no?

“Young man, I’ll smack you in the face if you insisted on stopping me from contacting Vinson!” Arielle felt that Aaron might be up to something malicious and threatened him.

“Do whatever you like. Hmph!” Aaron spoke coldly. No matter how often you two call each other, he wouldn’t be able to get here, anyway. I’m content with just driving Vinson up the wall every time he remembers that I’m the one by Arielle’s side now, he thought.

“What a sweet young lad you are!” Arielle grinned at Aaron. However, she turned toward Morrison with a frown on her face the very next second. “Don’t ever set restrictions on my devices again. You guys tricked me here and contorted my life-saving intentions into devious ambitions every time I tried to stand up for myself.”

Arielle was a doctor and would never put anyone’s life in jeopardy. She respected life and putting a wager on it was the last thing she would do.

Morrison didn’t know how Aaron got Arielle back to the country and felt sorry for her. “My apologies for any inconvenience caused. I was just doing my job.”

“I’m not putting the blame on you anyway, but since I was invited here to share my medical knowledge, you should trust me a hundred percent and not cut me off from the outside world. Do you understand how worried my family would be if I’m nowhere to be found all of a sudden?”

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