Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403 She Is An Honorable Guest

“I’m terribly sorry!” Morrison didn’t know how to respond except apologizing.

Aaron smirked at the sight of Arielle finding fault in Morrison. If she knew that the man in front of her is actually her half-brother, she’d be hopping mad.

“Never mind. I know you have nothing to do with this.” Arielle dismissed Morrison with a swift wave of the hand.

She knew perfectly that Morrison was just following orders. Her rants were just to vent her dissatisfaction at how she was treated.

Morrison left after giving her the phone and the laptop. After returning home, Dylan asked him about Arielle’s response.

“Ms. Moore was thoroughly upset regarding the telecommunication restrictions imposed, saying that her family would be worried sick as they couldn’t contact her. She also complained about how we tricked her into coming here.” Morrison thought that Dylan was concerned about Arielle because she was their honorable guest.

Dylan furrowed his brows when he heard the word “tricked.”

He was deeply concerned about Arielle because she was his biological daughter, but he had forgotten through what means Aaron successfully brought her here. Family? Isn’t the family she was talking about the Wilhelms? Are there still others whom we missed out?

The next thing Dylan was going to do was to have another investigation on Arielle’s background.

After returning to Paelsford Manor, Arielle went up to her room with the phone and the laptop after Morrison had left. She couldn’t wait to tell Vinson about this good news.

Her childlike eagerness irked Aaron.

“Hey, are you gonna dump me here?” He affixed his eyes to Arielle who was running upstairs.

“Why are you still here?” Arielle turned around and was surprised to see him there as she thought he had left.

What? Why am I still here? Aaron almost blew his top off! He had been standing there since they arrived at the manor, and there she was, oblivious to his existence. Is Vinson that important? Aaron thought.

Arielle would surely roll her eyes if she could read minds. Without question, Vinson was the most important man in her life.

“Go back to your house as I have something to do,” Arielle said with conviction.

Knowing that Arielle was trying to get rid of him and contact Vinson, Aaron walked up the stairs too. “I’m not going back yet. I believe I will be of great help to you with any task you have on hand.

Arielle stared unbelievably at Aaron who was two steps down from her and knuckled his forehead. “Who needs your help? Just go home.”

“No!” Aaron covered his forehead with his palm.

“It’s not up to you, young man. Leave now as I’m busy and I don’t have time for you.” Arielle gave him a soft push off the stairs.

For some reason, Aaron let her win and left, which was pretty unusual. Giving in wasn’t something Aaron was known to do, though.

“I’ll leave, but you have to promise me one thing.”

“And what is that?” Arielle was getting impatient with the young lad.

She might sympathize with him occasionally, but that didn’t meant she would agree to all his requests.

Why is she looking at me like that? Do I look like I’m going to ask for the moon? Aaron didn’t know what to make of the face Arielle made.

“All I want is to eat some of your homemade cooking.”

“We’ll see.” Arielle shoved him out the door. She deeply suspected that Aaron was trying to stop her from contacting Vinson by waiting around at her place.

After successfully shooing him away, Arielle went back to her room and gave the phone and laptop a thorough screening. When she was certain that there were no surveillance devices on them, she let out a breath of relief.

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