Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405 Coming To Look For You

“What?” Arielle was visibly shocked.

“I’ll send the photo to you and Xavier later. You two can investigate the matter together,” Vinson suggested.

When Xavier told Vinson earlier that Arielle’s father could have used the king’s name, Vinson forgot to send the photo to him so that he could continue the investigation.

Moreover, Vinson wouldn’t remember any of it if Arielle didn’t bring it up.

“Why did he use the king’s name when he dated my mom?” Arielle murmured.

Vinson fell silent, for he couldn’t figure out a plausible answer. Perhaps they would only know the truth after Arielle’s father was found.

“Now, all we can do is investigate it based on the photo,” Arielle said and heaved a sigh, hoping that the photo could give her some clues.

Nevertheless, Arielle also understood that it was difficult. The handsome man took the picture when he was young, yet he could have looked different after many years.

For instance, a handsome young man could already have become a man with a potbelly as time passed.

“You don’t have to be too hasty in this matter. Since I’ll return to see you in a few days, we can investigate it together.”

“Really? That’s great!” Arielle was overjoyed, for she didn’t expect that Vinson could return to her side soon.

However, she couldn’t help but feel worried the next moment.

“Would you be in danger if you come to see me? I think you shouldn’t come. Xavier and I can investigate the matter here. Moreover, now that I’m a lecturer invited by the university, they dare not lay a finger on me.”

“Hey, don’t think that I’m that useless.”

“You have a point. After all, you’re none other than the invincible Vinson.” Arielle let out a sweet grin as she gazed at Vinson over the phone. Well, Vinson is strong and steady.

As they continued chatting, someone suddenly knocked on Arielle’s door. She asked Vinson to wait for a moment and opened the door.

“Pat, you’re back! How was school today?” Arielle pinched Pat’s face gently and grabbed his hand to bring him inside.

Pat would feel bored if he had to stay at home alone when Arielle went to the university. After discussing with Aaron yesterday, Arielle agreed to find a suitable school for Pat.

That morning, Aaron told Arielle that he had made the arrangement, and thus someone would drive Pat to school. Hence Arielle could put her mind at ease and go to the university.

After Arielle asked the question, Pat heaved a sigh like an adult. “It’s not fun at school because the kids don’t speak Ustranasion. Hence, they didn’t understand a word I said.” Pat felt rather frustrated because they spoke in two different languages.

“In that case, you have to learn Turlenese with me tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll be able to engage in a simple conversation with your friends soon,” Arielle proposed with a grin.

Apart from the gift of tongues, Arielle had an impressive memory.

After learning Turlenese with Aaron for a day and a half, Arielle continued to practice it for two to three hours every night. By now, her Turlenese was almost as fluent as the native speakers.

Even though Arielle didn’t know much about the dialects, she could engage in simple conversations and used medical terms. Therefore, teaching Pat to speak Turlenese was just a piece of cake for her.

“Why tomorrow? Can’t we do it now?” Pat enquired in curiosity.

Since Pat knew he wasn’t as talented as Arielle in languages, he was ready to spend more time in learning Turlenese.

Besides, Arielle always said that dedication and hard work could make up for the lack of talent. Hence, Pat wanted to start the lesson right now.

“We can’t do it now because I’m on a video call with Vinson.” With that, Arielle showed her phone to Pat. Once Pat saw Vinson, he put on a bright smile and shouted excitedly, “Vin!”

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