Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1406

Chapter 1406 Can You Forgive Me

Since Arielle and Vinson had told the Wilhelms that they were married, Pat knew Vinson was his brother-in-law. Besides, he was really fond of Vinson.

Before Vinson could reply, Pat whispered to Arielle. “What kind of an app are you using to contact Vin? Have you removed the spying device?”

“Yes, I’ve removed it. Now, we can get in touch with anyone we want,” Arielle explained while her lips curled up.

“Yeah, that’s good news!” Pat jumped up and down as soon as Arielle finished.

Ever since Pat was here, he felt that he was muzzled. Now, he could finally contact his best friends.

After gazing at Arielle and Vinson over the phone, Pat smirked and said, “You two must have a lot to talk about since you haven’t met each other for a long time. I don’t want to be a bother.”

With that, he rushed out of the room and politely closed the door.

“What a rascal.” Arielle shook her head, beaming.

Meanwhile, Vinson also chuckled and said, “This shrewd little thing!”

The next day, Arielle had to give her first lecture on brain tumors.

After glancing around the classroom, she was curious and frowned upon seeing a few students in their mid-forties.

What is going on? Are they lecturers sent by the university to spy on me? At the same time, other students in the same class also felt curious and thought they were new lecturers.

The students in their mid-forties appeared to have sensed Arielle’s suspicion. After a while, a lady stood up and introduced herself. “Ms. Moore, nice to meet you. I’m Jennifer from the Tumor Prevention Center. The center has recommended us to attend the lecture.”

The lady and her colleagues had known that Arielle was an exceptional doctor invited by the university to give a lecture.

The competition within the center was intense, and every doctor wished to attend the lecture. Hence, they worked very hard to earn the opportunity of coming to the university.

Meanwhile, Arielle was surprised that her lecture was popular even among professional doctors. Nonetheless, she was confident about her medical skills and delighted about the overwhelming response.

“Thank you for believing in my medical expertise and choosing my lecture. I won’t let you down.” With that, Arielle took out her lesson plan and began the lecture.

Sonia began to feel a sense of admiration for Arielle. Hence, she listened to the lecture attentively and proactively asked and answered questions. Arielle was very satisfied with Sonia’s performance in class.

While Sonia asked elementary questions, Jennifer and her colleagues, being doctors with over twenty years’ experience, brought up challenging problems they faced in clinical treatment. After Arielle patiently and eloquently answered the questions, they felt they had learned a lot from the lecture.

Jennifer had planned to specialize in tumor studies from the beginning. After class, Jennifer became Arielle’s fan and decided to attend all of her upcoming lectures.

In the meantime, Arielle was bewildered at a misty-eyed Sonia who came to seek her out. Staring at Sonia, Arielle queried, “What’s going on?” She had no idea why Sonia began to weep all of a sudden.

Sonia gazed at Arielle with her bloodshot eyes and begged, “Ms. Moore, I sincerely apologize for my previous actions. Would you forgive me?”

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