Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1407

Chapter 1407 A Pretty Influential Figure

Never had Arielle expected that Sonia actually sought her out to speak about that matter.

Hmm? Could it be that someone is blackmailing her? But then, she doesn’t seem the kind of person who’d cry just because of that. What exactly happened that an arrogant girl like her would shed tears before me, a teacher she disliked? Anyhow, I can’t think of any other possibility besides that.

“I’ve never taken that matter to heart in the first place.” After saying that, she inquired, “Is someone blackmailing you? If so, just tell me boldly without any reservations. I’ll go and seek the other party out.”

However, Sonia shook her head. “No, no one is blackmailing me.”

“Then, why are you doing this?”

“Ms. Moore, my grandpa is critically ill. I just received news that the doctors allowed him to be brought home, for there’s no more hope for him.” When Sonia had finished saying that in a choked voice, she gazed at Arielle hopefully. “Could you please go and check on him? I’ll give up if there’s really no hope for him.”

Although she was the little princess in her family, her parents were busy with their work and careers. As such, she grew up with her grandparents since young and had an exceedingly close relationship with them. Verily, she couldn’t accept the fact that her grandfather was going to depart this life.

The instant Arielle heard that, she didn’t bother playing the waiting game. Time waited for no one, and a delay of a few minutes could mean missing the golden hour of treatment, causing someone who could initially be saved to lose his life.

“After you,” she uttered solemnly.

Knowing that she had agreed to go and save her grandfather, Sonia immediately took Arielle to the hospital without even wiping off her tears. On the way there, Arielle sent Kristoff a text to inform him of the situation on her side. That aside, she also told Sonia to inform her family to talk with the doctor as she wanted to have a look at the patient as soon as she arrived to have a better understanding of the patient’s condition.

Sonia didn’t dare to tarry for a single heartbeat, promptly giving her father a call and telling him about Arielle’s request. Naturally, her father didn’t agree at first. He found it incredulous to have a random person treat his father.

Therefore, she told him about Arielle being the teacher from Chanaea whom Aaron invited over. No sooner had her father heard that than he agreed to talk to the doctor without even thinking about it. In his opinion, someone whom the prince himself invited over must have exceptional medical skills. Opportunity seldom knocked twice, so he couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to save his father’s life.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Arielle changed into a surgical gown. She swiftly scanned through Sonia’s grandfather’s medical report with her head lowered before going to the hospital room to have a look at the patient’s condition.

“Prepare for an operation,” she ordered the attending doctor beside her in a somber voice.

Sonia’s grandfather had a cerebral hemorrhage. It had just been two hours since he was taken to the hospital, so it was fortunately still within the golden hour for an operation. After undergoing the operation, he could still be saved.

No wonder both my father and Aaron chose medicine when they went to Chanaea to study. Honestly speaking, Turlen’s medical treatment standard is really quite dismal. Despite having advanced technology and equipment, their medical skills in rendering treatment are truly flabbergasting.

In truth, the attending doctor was rather disdainful.

There’s no hope for this patient. Even if one wants to treat him, one must have top-notch medical skills. As far as our country’s medical treatment standard is concerned, having such a condition is equivalent to a death sentence unless the patient goes abroad for treatment. However, that requires the king’s stamp of approval and layer upon layer of special approval. Thus, it’s extremely difficult to obtain that opportunity.

Nonetheless, he didn’t dare voice that. This patient is a pretty influential figure, so if this Chanaean woman fails to save him, she’ll be in hot water!

Despite the contempt within him, he still gave it his all while preparing for the operation. After the patient was wheeled into the operating theater, Arielle started performing the operation.

The attending doctor was scornful toward her in the beginning, but following a brief observation, his eyes lit up and grew increasingly brighter. His previous derision toward her turned into respect and admiration.

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