Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1412

Chapter 1412 Backfire

“Who is this from?” Arielle didn’t take the gift bag from him. Throughout the time she had been there, she hadn’t asked around about Morrison, so she had no idea where his allegiance lay.

“His Majesty.” Clocking the refusal on her face, Morrison expounded, “His Majesty is grateful that you came here from afar to teach us medical skills.”

Arielle nodded in acknowledgement but had no choice but to turn down the gift bag.

At a single glance, she could tell that the gift bag contained something luxurious. She had already accepted the ATM card Sybil delivered, so she didn’t want to take that as well. Considering her insistence, Morrison could only make his way back with the gift bag in hand.

Dylan took out the box in the gift bag and opened it. When he saw the diamond necklace lying inside, helplessness showed in his expression.

The first time he laid eyes on that necklace, he felt that it matched Arielle very well, so he bought with without any hesitation. After getting his hands on it, he initially wanted to give it to her personally. But on second thought, he sent Morrison over instead. Unexpectedly, she rejected it.

“Say, Sybil, when can I reconcile with my daughter?” he lamented with a sigh. Verily, he wanted to go and see Arielle. Thus far, he could only quench his longing for her through the videos the bodyguards sent over.

“Be patient and wait a little longer, Your Majesty.” They hadn’t remained idle all this time and had been busy regaining the power in the queen mother and the queen’s hands. In fact, they had already secretly contacted a few ministers.

“I’ve also bought a few sets of clothes. Later, send them over to the princess. I’m worried that she won’t accept them if Morrison delivers them.” While saying that, Dylan took out several bags from the side and handed them to Sybil.

“Understood, Your Majesty. I’ll tell her that they’re from you.”

When Sybil arrived at Paelsford Manor, he gaped at Arielle, who was busy cooking with an apron around her waist. If His Majesty were to witness this scene, he’d be downright devastated! After all, she should’ve been a pampered princess who didn’t have to lift a finger in her entire life!

Meanwhile, Arielle never expected him to visit at that hour. After putting everything away, she stepped out of the kitchen.

At the sight of her coming out, Sybil pointed at the bags on the table and stated, “I’m here to deliver those clothes to you.”

Deliver clothes to me? What clothes? Arielle was at a total loss. Seemingly perceiving her bemusement, Sybil clarified, “His Majesty had these clothes custom-made for you.”

“Please tell your king that he doesn’t need to buy me any gifts,” Arielle remarked placidly with her eyes pinned on the man.

He had already paid her for teaching his citizens medical skills the last time, so there was no need for him to further gift her with exorbitant items or clothes. They were mere strangers, so the fact that he was sending her gifts had her feeling uneasy.

Upon seeing that, Sybil knew that Dylan had been too impatient, causing things to backfire instead. He pondered for a moment before explaining, “His Majesty is extremely thankful that you came here to teach us medical skills. Besides, he likes you a lot. He feels sorry about his dereliction of duty while acting as a tour guide back then, failing to bring you to all the scenic spots.”

When Arielle heard that, her eyes went wide in surprise. She had never expected that the tour guide who took her around on her second day there turned out to be the king of Turlen. Well, it looks like the king attaches great importance to me coming over to impart my medical skills.

After turning it over in her mind, she accepted the clothes Sybil brought over. The king prizes medical skills and painstakingly sent gifts over to me, so it’ll probably bug him if I don’t accept them.

Having delivered the clothes, Sybil returned to the palace and conveyed Arielle’s words to Dylan. Dylan then frowned, not quite sure how else he should make it up to her and treat her well.

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