Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1413

Chapter 1413 Busted

“What’s the progress with the investigation on the queen?”

Dylan was currently planning to recoup his power as quickly as possible, change the law and acknowledging his relationship with Arielle. He wanted to be able to treat her well in public and make up for everything she lacked.

“I also found out that a nephew of hers took a bribe of a million,” Sybil answered.

The moment Dylan heard that, his brows furrowed. Their family’s businesses are making tons of money, so why are they still taking bribes? Don’t tell me the money isn’t enough for them?

“What were they requested to do?” he questioned tersely.

Consequently, Sybil related the results of the investigation to him. Evidently, a contractor cut corners while constructing a house. His superiors were conducting an inspection, and he was afraid that the matter would come to light, so he asked the queen’s nephew to utilize some connections so that he could pass without any issues.

Dylan was furious after hearing that. If the house isn’t up to standard, it’s no joke if something happens one day!

“Collect evidence of him taking bribes. Then, investigate the other forces that are working for the queen. I want everything in detail.”

He wanted to seize that opportunity to disintegrate the queen’s power and s****h it away from her cronies.

Having received his orders, Sybil was fired up and acknowledged them fervently with his head held high. His Majesty should have done this from the very beginning!

When the man had left, Dylan took out a book from his drawer as he sat at his desk alone. He flipped it open, baring a picture to his sight. With trembling hands, he touched the girl in the picture, tears shimmering in his eyes.

“Maureen, I’ll be reconciling with our daughter soon.”

Twenty to thirty people were crammed into the constricted space of the ship. They were all illegal immigrants, some coming over to find a job and make money while others entered other countries illegally before returning. In short, there were all sorts of people and a myriad of smells.

Although Vinson and Harvey were both outstanding men, they could still persevere in the face of such a space.

After several hours had passed, the cargo ship finally docked in the evening. By then, those receiving the cargo were already waiting at the harbor. It was then that the illegal immigrants alighted from the ship in the cover of darkness. Vinson and Harvey exchanged a glance before they, too, walked out cautiously. They then pretended to be laborers and helped to transfer the cargo.

Without warning, a commotion broke out at the dock. Vinson glanced at the dock surreptitiously. Under the dim light, he recognized that the person who was approaching with a full entourage was none other than Aaron at a single glance, the man who stole Arielle from him. When he saw that, his eyes darkened. He must have some formidable identity.

Recalling how the man used underhanded means to bring Arielle over, he was gripped by the urge to kill him outright. Beside him, Harvey noticed his emotional state and immediately tugged at him. Vinson instantly retracted his gaze and moved the cargo with the others, heading toward the dock.

On the surface, Aaron was there to check on the cargo. But in truth, he was actually there to check whether there were any illegal immigrants.

He was just about to leave after sweeping a few glances over the crowd when he abruptly frowned. He felt as though he had seen someone familiar.

“You there, turn around so I can take a look at you.”

C**p! I’m busted! Vinson promptly stiffened.

While he was racking his brain for a way to beat a hasty retreat, a boy walked away from him and headed toward Aaron.


“Are you about to sneak out, or have you just returned?” The corners of Aaron’s mouth twitched as he eyed his brother, whose face was stained by a layer of dust.

“I’m just about to sneak out, but you found me out.” The boy scratched his head in embarrassment.

With a dark expression on his face, Aaron ordered, “Go back with me.” After saying that, he spun on his heels and left.

Despite having no idea what they were both talking about, Vinson breathed a sigh of relief. Phew! It was really a close call! I almost thought I’d been busted!

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