Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414 He Is Here

After moving the cargo to the dock, Vinson and Harvey looked at each other before covertly creeping to the side.

“Phew! I was scared to death earlier, thinking that you were going to get busted,” Xavier exclaimed in the car, casting a glance at Vinson in disguise even as he breathed a long sigh of relief.

Xavier wasn’t the only one, for even Vinson himself was worried that he would be busted. Fortunately, it was just a false alarm.

Taking out his phone, he send Arielle a text message, informing her of his arrival so that she wouldn’t worry.

When Arielle received his text message, the corners of her lips turned up.

He’s here. How wonderful!

She immediately called him. “Have you found a place to live? I’d like to go and pay you a visit.”

Vinson likewise wanted to see her and couldn’t wait to meet her again. No sooner had her words fallen that he asked Xavier whether he had prepared the accommodation.

Nodding, Xavier told him the address of the place he would be staying henceforth. After jotting it down, Arielle hung up the phone and got the car key from the driver. She instructed the bodyguards not to follow her before speeding off.

When Vinson and the others arrived at the house, the first thing they did was take a shower. When they were done and had changed into a set of clean clothes, Xavier had already bought dinner back for them both. They ate as they waited for Arielle.

Arielle lived near the condominium Xavier found for Vinson, so she arrived in just half an hour. Finding the condominium Vinson mentioned, she depressed the doorbell.

Vinson had been waiting for her, so he promptly sprang to his feet and hastened over to open the door when he heard the doorbell.

“Vinson!” Arielle’s voice carried a faint trace of excitement.

At the sight of the woman who was beaming from ear to ear right in front of him, Vinson could no longer hold back. He pulled her into his arms right away.

He hugged her tightly, so much so that it was as though he was hugging a one-of-a-kind priceless treasure in this whole world.

Arielle also reached out and hugged him back tightly, inhaling the fragrance unique to him.

Seeing the scene unfolding before them, Harvey and Xavier, who were keeping Vinson company in the living room as the latter waited for Arielle, exchanged a glance. They then returned to their rooms, leaving the space to the young couple who hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

After hugging each other for about a minute, Vinson dropped his hold on Arielle as he remembered that there were still other people in the living room. He took her hand and walked into the house, closing the door behind them. When they reached the living room, he saw that there was no one left in the living room. His lips curved upward at once. Well, they’re pretty perceptive!

“Which room is yours? And have you unpacked?”

“Yup,” Vinson answered, leading her into his room by the hand. The instant he closed the room door, he pinned her against the door with a massive hand cradling the back of her head and captured her alluring lips forcefully. His kiss then deepened and grew all the more passionate.

Their breaths intertwined, their lips and tongue tangling together. The temperature in the room climbed steadily.

On that silent night, Arielle could only hear their heartbeats. She closed her eyes and h****d her arms around his neck as she responded to his longing and passion. At that very moment, all she wanted to do was giving free rein to her heart and feelings.

As the two of them kissed at the door and progressed to the bed, clothes were scattered all over the ground. Only when both their bodies were plastered together did they really sense that the other was by their side.

An indeterminate time passed before a fully satiated Vinson carried a tired and drowsy Arielle to the bathroom for a shower. Later, he placed her on the bed and hurriedly pulled the covers over her before snagging a hairdryer and blowing her hair dry. She had no clothes there, so he washed her clothes personally and put them into the dryer.

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