Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1415

Chapter 1415 Heartbreak

In half an hour or so, Vinson took the dry clothes out of the dryer and was about to help Arielle get changed. However, she suddenly opened her eyes when he was about to change her. She stared at him and asked, “What time is it now?”

Upon hearing how lazy she sounded, Vinson’s heart instantly melted. He gave her forehead a kiss and answered, “It’s almost eleven.”

Eleven? Oh c**p! I’ve already been out for more than three hours! Arielle flipped the blanket aside before abruptly covering herself up with it again.

Why is she still so shy? It’s not like I’ve never seen her naked before. Vinson’s lips lifted into a smirk. Seeing that, Arielle harrumphed.

Vinson then smiled and placed the clothes next to her. “You can wear these. I’ve already washed them.”

Arielle pointed at the door and indicated that she’d like him to turn his head around. Vinson understood it right away and turned around with a smile on his face. Arielle only got changed after he’d looked away.

After she was done, she walked toward Vinson and said, “I have to head back now, Vinson.”

If she were to stay out for the night, Aaron would definitely find out about what she’d done. In order to be able to keep seeing Vinson, she planned not to stay with Vinson that night.

Vinson nodded. “Okay. I’ll send you back.”

Arielle didn’t oppose the idea. Since they hadn’t seen each other in quite a while, they weren’t satisfied with the mere three hours they had with each other. Vinson held her hand before opening the door and heading out toward the living room. There, Harvey instinctively turned around when he heard the noises of them coming out of the room, and he was heartbroken when he saw them holding hands.

He pretended to be nonchalant and queried, “Are you guys leaving?”

Arielle didn’t know Harvey was there as well. She was shocked and grateful at the same time when she saw him there. He must be worried about me. Otherwise, he wouldn’t risk his life by coming here.

“Yes. I’m heading back. I’ll get caught if I stay too long.” Arielle flashed a faint smile.

“I’m sending her back. You can drive Xavier’s car and follow us from behind. After that, you can drive me back,” Vinson said to Harvey.

Prior to seeing Harvey there, Vinson wanted to look for Xavier. If I disregard him and look for Xavier, things might get awkward. I might as well just get Harvey to help instead.

Upon hearing that, Harvey was stumped momentarily before agreeing to it.

After getting out of the apartment, Arielle and Vinson drove off first, and Harvey was following them from behind.

Arielle frowned and asked softly, “Isn’t this a bit awkward?”

Vinson knew what she meant. “It’d be even more awkward if I don’t ask him to come along.”

Arielle couldn’t help but agree after giving it some thought. Things have already been weird between us ever since the marriage. If we were to disregard him and look for Xavier, it’s only going to make matters worse. By then, the relationship between us would be beyond repair.

“Did Old Mr. J*****r agree to him coming here?” Arielle asked curiously.

Vinson nodded. “Yes. I have no idea what Harvey said to convince him.” In fact, Vinson was very surprised by the fact that Harrison had allowed Harvey to look for Arielle because, after all, Turlen was known for its mysteriousness and dangers. With one wrong move, one could lose his life there.

Deep down, Vinson was touched when he found out that Harvey was willing to help look for Arielle.

“Vinson, I don’t know when I can locate my biological father.” Arielle was troubled because she thought she’d disrupt Vinson and the others if she were to stay for too long.

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