Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416 Missing You

Vinson knew what Arielle was worried about. Hence, he told her about how he’d left the company in the hands of his assistant and Susanne.

“Since my mom is holding the fort at the company, you have nothing to worry about.” Vinson paused and continued, “As for Harvey, I’ll get him to go back first if we can’t find any leads on your biological father within a month.”

After all, Harvey was meant to lead the Jupiters as he was the future head of the family. Although Harrison was able to keep things in place in the meantime, everyone knew Jared wouldn’t be able to do much if something were to happen.

In the midst of chitchatting, they’d arrived and parked at a spot a distance away from Paelsford Manor.

“You should get off now because there are surveillance cameras up ahead.” Although Arielle could easily hack into the surveillance system, she’d rather not do so to avoid causing any suspicions.

Vinson gazed at her deeply before pulling her in and kissing her passionately. He only let go of her when she was almost out of breath.

As he glanced at her alluring lips, he darkened his gaze and said in with a hoarse voice, “I’ll do what I can to stay here.”

“Okay.” Arielle pretended to be calm, albeit blushing uncontrollably.

Vinson couldn’t help but give her another smooch before getting out of the car. Worried about getting caught, Arielle quickly drove toward the manor. Vinson only turned around and got into the car with Harvey after watching her leave.

Harvey parked the car further away from them so that he wouldn’t cause them any disturbance.

Upon arriving at the manor, Arielle left the car keys on the coffee table in the living room before making her way up the stairs. The Wilhelms were still awake because they were waiting for Arielle’s return. They immediately opened their room door when they heard her walking up the stairs.

Arielle was frustrated when she saw both of them. I’ve already tried my best to keep quiet so that I wouldn’t wake them up!

“Dad, Mom, I’m sorry for waking you guys up,” Arielle apologized.

To which Andrea responded with a smile. “No, you didn’t. We were waiting for your return before going to sleep.”

Upon hearing that, Arielle was incredibly touched. They really love me like I’m their own child.

She then hurried toward Andrea and whispered something into her ear.

Andrea’s eyes lit up immediately, and she asked, “Really?”

In response, Arielle smiled and nodded.

While dragging Hubert back into the room when he was about to question Arielle, Andrea urged, “It’s late. Go to bed, okay?” Since they were young once, they knew exactly what Arielle was doing being out so late.

The next day, Arielle received a video call from Vinson right after washing up. Without hesitation, she answered the call. Instantly, she smiled blissfully when Vinson’s handsome face showed up on the screen. “You’ve woken up so early!”

Vinson nodded and said, “I couldn’t sleep because I miss you.”

Arielle was rendered speechless. Why is he flirting with me so early in the morning?

“Will you be busy today?” Vinson queried with a smile.

Arielle nodded. Indeed, it was a busy day ahead. She had three classes in the morning, and in the afternoon, she was going to visit Bernd. Ever since she saved his leg during the surgery, his mother, Solana, had been trying to invite her over through Aaron.

Since she’d been busy prior to that day, she hadn’t been able to go over. She ended up accepting the invitation and bailing a few days ago because she didn’t know Vinson had arrived. If she were to bail again, she’d seem rather inconsiderate.


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