Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1417

Chapter 1417 Do Not Get Angry

“I have a few classes in the morning. As for in the afternoon…” Arielle hesitated and frowned because she didn’t know how to tell him without him getting mad.

Seeing that, Vinson uttered, “You can keep it to yourself if you don’t feel comfortable saying it.”

Arielle shook her head as she was looking at Vinson. Her eyes flickered, and she said, “I’ll tell you, but don’t get angry, okay?”

Vinson chuckled lightly. Why would I be angry? It’s not like she’s going out on a date with some other guy.

“Okay. Go on,” Vinson answered helplessly. Do I look like someone who gets angry easily?

Arielle went on and told him about her schedule for the day. Unsurprisingly, Vinson was pissed when he heard her saying that Aaron was bringing her to visit someone. Why should I let Aaron, whom I hate, bring my woman around to visit someone else?

Arielle noticed the change in his emotion, so she hurriedly said, “If you’re unhappy with it, I can turn them down.”

Since those people meant nothing to her, it’d be foolish of her to sacrifice her lover’s happiness just so that she could visit them. Indeed, Vinson’s feelings were far more important to her than the people who invited her.

Vinson was grouchy at first, but upon hearing that, his mood improved significantly. I can’t stop her from socializing just because I don’t like it. Since someone is willing to help her while she’s stuck in this unfamiliar territory, I should let her make use of this golden opportunity.

“No. You should go ahead with it. This is a good opportunity for you to find some leads on your biological father. Since we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket, you should try to get close to the others as well,” Vinson said casually.

A smile appeared on Arielle’s face when she heard that. I knew it! Although he gets jealous easily, he’s not one to stop me from socializing.

After ending the video call, Vinson went to look for Xavier and Harvey. He had to figure out a way to stay by Arielle’s side.

When Arielle got down the stairs, the Wilhelms were already sitting on the couch. Normally, they would’ve already gone to the school by this time, no? Since they’re still here, I bet they’re going to ask me about Vinson.

As she expected, Hubert asked her right away when she sat down, “San, what are you and Vin planning to do? Are you guys going to keep seeing each other secretly?”

“He must have a plan in mind.” Arielle furrowed her brows.

Hubert gave it some thought as well. That’s right. Vinson isn’t one to go into something blindly. Since he’s here, he must have something in mind. In that case, I shouldn’t be worried about it anymore.

After breakfast, the three of them went to the school together. The chauffeur would then have to head back to send Pat to school as well.

In class, Arielle noticed something was wrong with Sonia’s mood. Not only was Sonia avoiding eye contact with her, but she was also reluctant to voice her questions in class. Why is she acting like she’s done something wrong against me? After some thought, Ariella decided to get Sonia to see her in the office after their lesson.

Since she had an office all to herself, no one else could hear what was being said in her office.

When Sonia arrived outside her office, she took a deep breath before knocking on the door. Arielle knew it was Sonia, so she let her in right away.

“Ms. Moore, may I know why you want to see me?” Sonia wasn’t arrogant when she spoke with Arielle.

Arielle pointed at the chair to get her to sit down before asking, “What happened?”

Sonia shook her head in response. What am I supposed to tell her? Do I just tell her I want to be her love rival? Do I tell her that I want a fair competition with her to fight for Aaron? I can’t possibly say that, right?

Seeing how conflicted Sonia was, Arielle decided to stop questioning her. I shouldn’t interfere in others’ private matters.

“I’ve asked you here because I wanted to know if something’s up with you. Since you’re not willing to share, I’m not going to pressure you into doing otherwise.” With that, Arielle told Sonia to head back to the classroom.

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