Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1419

Chapter 1419 Robbed

Meanwhile, Aaron was bringing Arielle along to visit Bernd. On the way there, Aaron told Arielle that Bernd’s father was a minister of Turlen’s internal affairs. In other words, he was the highest-ranked government official.

Her eyes lit up when Aaron told her that. Vinson was right about not putting all our eggs in one basket! Since I’m presented with such a golden opportunity, I shouldn’t let it slip.

When the car rolled to a halt, Arielle immediately saw Bernd’s mother waiting for them at the entrance of the house. As soon as Arielle got out of the car, the mother went up to Arielle and hugged her after flashing her a smile.

Arielle wasn’t used to her warm welcome, but she managed to keep her emotions to herself. After exchanging pleasantries, Solana brought Arielle to the living room while Aaron had gone to see Bernd.

After chatting for a while, Arielle had finally learned about Solana’s name. Why do I know so many people with similar names? First, it was Nightshire Group’s Serena. After that, there was the vice president named Selena, and now, I’m acquainted with Solana. What a coincidence!

Solana held her hand and said enthusiastically, “Dr. Moore, your medical skills are incredible! Bernd’s leg is healing rapidly, and he’s going to go through physiotherapy soon.”

“He’s done his part as well in the healing process,” Arielle answered. If it wasn’t for Bernd’s healing ability, her medical skills alone wouldn’t be enough to get him ready for physiotherapy so soon. Normally, people with similar injuries like his would need at least two to three months to heal before they could proceed with physiotherapy.

“The important thing is that you’ve managed to save his leg!” Solana looked at Arielle and added sincerely, “Dr. Moore, Bernd is our only son. Since you’ve saved him, you’ve also saved our whole family at the same time. From now on, please let us know if there’s anything you need help with. We’ll assist you the best we can.”

Arielle was delighted upon hearing that. Who would’ve thought Solana would give me such an assurance? This is exactly why I’ve come!

“Sure.” Arielle smiled.

In the palace, the queen was infuriated when she found out that Aaron had brought Arielle to Bernd’s house. “What is he trying to do?”

Since Bernd’s father is Turlen’s highest-ranked government official, what is he planning to do by bringing that woman there? Is he trying to pave the way for her and marry her in the future? With those thoughts in her mind, the queen clenched her fists angrily. Even though the law wouldn’t allow Aaron to marry outsiders, she knew she had to stop Aaron at all costs.

“Your Majesty, perhaps His Royal Highness is just fooling around like he always does. Don’t worry, okay?” Miranda quickly urged.

“I doubt that’s the case this time around. He’s serious!” Indeed, the news she’d received in the past few days had kept her on edge.

Hearing that, Miranda dared not to say another word.

The queen remained grouchy for a while before she waved Miranda over and whispered something into her ear. Shortly after, Miranda was seen leaving the premises with a grim expression.

“How dare she seduce my son? Is she sick of living?” the queen grumbled to herself as she stared into the distance.

The next day, Arielle was ready to head home when she got out of her office after a busy day at work. When she was walking down the stairs with her colleague, a figure appeared in a dark corner and clamped a hand over her mouth.

At that instant, she thought she was getting robbed.


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