Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1432

Chapter 1432 Please Forgive Me

“I’m fine. Fret not. These are merely minor injuries; I’ll recuperate in no time. You guys better hurry back for classes.” Arielle was trying to use words to chase the two of them away.

Aaron was reluctant to go and wanted to stay by Arielle’s side. As much as he wished for it to happen, she firmly objected and claimed that she would immediately work on the discharge procedures if he insisted on staying. Left with no other options, he could only take his leave.

With Sonia and Aaron gone, Vinson sat back beside Arielle and looked at her with a subtle smile.

“I didn’t ask him over. He wanted to do that himself.” Arielle felt an insufferable headache as she rubbed her forehead.

She knew she could not afford to offend a jealous man!

“I know that!” If you’re the one who asked him over, how is it possible that you’re still sitting so comfortably here right now?

Arielle was dumbstruck by that reply.

This guy is so annoying! How can he look at me like that when he knows what’s going on?

Arielle harrumphed and turned her body away as she did not feel like dealing with the man anymore.

Seeing her reaction, Vinson lifted the corners of his lips. He stood up and pulled Arielle into his embrace, with her chin on his shoulder. She could feel his warm breath on her ears as he whispered, “Are you angry?”

“No, I’m not!” Arielle turned around, unwilling to sit on his thighs.

“I’m sorry!” Vinson hurriedly apologized. How is this not angry? She’s obviously mad!

Arielle glanced away as she was too lazy to be bothered by him.

“Don’t be angry, Sannie. It’s my fault. Forgive me, will you?” Vinson’s words of comfort rang in Arielle’s ear.

His hot breath brushing against her skin made her body tremble uncontrollably. Her ears were extra sensitive to the surroundings, and hence speaking near them would make her feel ticklish.

She squirmed herself and attempted to stand up, but before long, her body froze on the spot.

And that was because Vinson planted a kiss on her earlobes.

An inexplicable romantic tension rose in the atmosphere, and soon, a blazing fire flared to life…

Simultaneously, on the other side.

“Sybil, have you found out the identity of the culprit who attacked Princess?” Dylan shifted his gazes to Sybil as he asked.

The latter cast his remorse-filled eyes at the former. “No. I’ve started investigating since my return from the hospital that night, but it seems like I was still a step too late. Those four men failed to escape the fate of getting silenced. At the moment, I’ve yet to lay hands on other leads.”

They’ve been silenced!

Dylan slammed the table ferociously. “D**n it!”

How merciless the mastermind is! That person doesn’t care about lives and kills without batting an eyelid?

“Continue the search. We have to find out the mastermind no matter what it takes!” Dylan declared furiously.

Sybil nodded and strode out to inform Morrison to continue with the search.

At Khurleigh Palace, the queen mother lay on the soft and cuddly couch with her eyes closed. She had one housekeeper going down on one knee massaging her legs while another stood behind her, kneading her shoulders and rubbing her back. She was living her life very leisurely.

“Have you found out who did that to Dr. Moore?” she queried casually with her eyes shut.

Monisha bobbed her head and disclosed the information she had found.

“Miranda hired those men. I believed she was acting under Her Majesty’s commands. I’ve ordered people to silence the four of them.”

The queen mother acknowledged with a nod. Her Majesty strikes an attack as she wishes, but she doesn’t deal with it properly, huh? Narrowing her eyes, she turned to Monisha and complimented, “Good job. You did well.”

Hearing the queen mother’s recognition, Monisha smiled and poured her a glass of water.

Taking a sip of the water, the former passed the glass back and asked, “Any idea why Her Majesty took action against Dr. Moore?”

With the glass in her hand, Monisha answered, “Miranda casually mentioned that His Royal Highness seems to treat Dr. Moore very well. Her Majesty fears that he’ll fall in love with a Chanaean woman as well.”

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