Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433 His Thought

That was when the realization hit the queen mother. She remembered how Dylan refused to marry the queen because he fell head over heels for a Chanaean woman.

That experience left a scar in the queen’s heart, and that was why the queen loathed Chanaean women.

But why is Dylan so obsessed with Arielle?

The queen mother could not help but knit her brows when she thought of how Dylan had cared for Arielle. Did he treat her well because he has high regard for her medical skills? I don’t think so. Besides Arielle, there are still many other medical experts in Chanaea.

But why Arielle? Why? I don’t get it.

She frowned and looked at Monisha. “Get someone to continue keeping an eye on Arielle.”

“All right. I’ll see to it,” Monisha responded and left.

The queen mother then massaged her temples to relieve her headache.

What’s wrong with Aaron? Nico is such a great girl, yet he’s not interested in her. Why must he fall for a Chanaean woman like his father?

Frustration kicked in, and she took out her phone and called Aaron.

Meanwhile, Aaron was pacing around agitatedly in his room while trying to figure out the culprit who wanted to hurt Arielle.

When his phone rang, he took a glance at the screen, and his expression instantly turned grim. “Grandma.”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m in college. Gonna return soon,” Aaron answered. “Is there something you need from me”

“Yes. Come and meet me right now.”

“All right.”

After ending the call, Aaron ordered his chauffeur to drive him to the palace.

Forty minutes later, the car pulled to a halt in front of the palace.

Aaron carried a sling bag and walked into the palace. Ten minutes later, he arrived at the queen mother’s residential building. Monisha greeted him at the entrance, “Welcome. The queen mother is waiting for you in the study. Be careful, I don’t think she’s in a good mood today.”

Aaron nodded and entered the building with a grim expression.

The queen mother’s study was a large space that housed an assortment of books and collectibles.

Upon walking in, he noticed that the queen mother was staring at a book. He greeted her, “Grandma.”

The queen mother lifted her head, took down her glasses, and looked at her only grandson. Then she pointed at the chair next to her and said, “Sit.”

Aaron walked over and sat on the chair.

He had always thought of his grandma as a strict woman who seldom smiled. That was why meeting her was stressful for him.

“How can I help you, Grandma?” he asked.

“I heard you’re quite close with Dr. Moore,” the queen mother asked in a serious tone.

Upon hearing that question, Aaron’s heart skipped a beat. Who on earth told Grandma about it?

Though he was nervous, he tried maintaining his composure and gave the queen mother a puzzled look. “What do you mean?”

A vortex of anger swirled inside the queen mother when Aaron refused to come clean before her. But she contained her emotions and stated, “I want you to get rid of the feelings you have for Dr. Moore. You should know the law of our country.”

Aaron could not help but feel annoyed. He thought he could be with Arielle after getting rid of Vinson, but he did not expect his mother and grandmother to get in the way of his relationship matters.

It’s just a law, isn’t it? Are we still living in the Stone Age? Why can’t we amend it?

“Grandma, I think we should do something about the law. It’s time to amend it,” Aaron suggested while staring at the queen mother.

Instantly, the queen mother’s eyes widened, and she shot a sullen glare at him. How dare he propose to amend the law?

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