Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1435

Chapter 1435 Could Not Believe What She Had Done

“You’re not in power to do anything, Aaron. So don’t bother threatening me.” The queen mother looked at his grim expression and chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’ll not harm Arielle as long as you promise to stay away from her.”

She then waved her hand dismissively and instructed, “Go home now. Get ready to go on a date with Nico tomorrow.”

Aaron’s expression darkened when he left the study. He finally realized he would not be able to protect his loved one as long as he was powerless. I wish I can have the power to protect the people I care about and do anything I desire. I’m sick of succumbing to threats.

After leaving the palace, he went straight home. But he did not heed the queen mother’s warning.

So what if I’m powerless now? I’ll eventually become wealthy and powerful sooner or later. You just watch.

At that moment, Aaron was a changed person. He was no longer the lad who merely wanted to polish his medical skills and save lives.

Meanwhile, Arielle was enjoying the time of her life with Vinson at the hospital. Though the place was a little boring, she was relieved that no one was monitoring them.

“Open up.” Vinson peeled an orange and plopped a piece into Arielle’s mouth.

The orange came just in time as she needed to quench her thirst after sharing a passionate kiss with Vinson earlier.

Vinson had been feeding Arielle fruits and meals in the last few days as if she was incapable of doing it herself.

Even when Arielle wanted to eat on her own, Vinson would express his dismay.

“Is it sweet?” Vinson asked with a smile.

“Yes…” Arielle responded.

“I don’t believe you,” Vinson said while gazing into her eyes. “I want to taste it.”

“The orange is in your hand, and I’m not stopping you,” Arielle said.

In the blink of an eye, Vinson leaned forward, cupped the back of her head with his hand, and pressed his lips against hers. He then gradually sucked the juice out of Arielle’s mouth.

The man had no intention of stopping what he was doing. He gently pinned Arielle to the bed and started kissing her passionately before he stuck his hands into her shirt. The moment she felt a reaction in Vinson’s lower body, she blushed and pushed him aside.

Kissing in the hospital was already pushing the boundary of her limits.

After some time, he eventually let her off. Her rosy cheeks and sensuous lips were so desirable that he wished he could savor every inch of her body.

“You’re such a tease. Do you know that?” Vinson said before planting another deep kiss on Arielle’s lips. He then took his clothes and went to the bathroom to cool himself down.

A playful idea popped up in Arielle’s mind when she watched him walk into the bathroom. She bounced up from the bed, opened the door to the bathroom, and went right in.

“Sannie…” the man moaned in a hoarse voice.

A few minutes later, Arielle ran out of the bathroom with a blushed face and a tight shoulder.

Like a b***y running for its life, she dashed toward the bed and hid under the blanket.

“Oh, my God. What have I done…”

Arielle could not believe what she had done to Vinson in the bathroom. She would never be able to look at her hand in the same way again.

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