Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1437

Chapter 1437 Death Sentence

As Vinson did not speak Turlenese, Arielle was reluctant to converse with Aaron in his language for fear of making Vinson feel excluded. Though Vinson did not care, Arielle did not want him to hang onto every word of theirs in confusion.

“I’m only concerned about you,” Aaron replied dully.

Though Arielle knew from the time they had spent together that he meant well, she decided to tell Aaron a version of the truth seeing as Vinson and Aaron were destined to run into each other frequently for the foreseeable future.

“He’s a bodyguard under my employ for my personal protection,” Arielle lied casually as she met his gaze.

Aaron’s eyes dimmed at the news. No wonder he’s always by Arielle’s side.

“Fire him,” Aaron suggested as his gaze darkened. “I’ll protect you instead.”

He found himself going mad with jealousy at the thought of another man being in close proximity to her.

Vinson seemed to have read Aaron’s mind from the way his dark eyes flicked toward the latter fiercely. Feeling Vinson’s eyes upon him, the prince’s temper rose instantly at the insolent way he was being regarded.

“Get out!” he barked at Vinson.

However, Vinson stood his ground to Aaron’s chagrin. “Can’t you understand a simple instruction?” he bellowed again. Incensed at the former’s unresponsiveness, Aaron opened the door to summon his bodyguard to expel Vinson.

Arielle was visibly upset to see Vinson being mistreated. Gritting her teeth in consternation, she stood before Vinson to shield him with her petite body before turning her cold gaze to Aaron. “He is with me. Who do you think you are to expel my guest?”

What cheek to suggest I replace Vinson with him!

Aaron’s eyes blazed with jealousy. Unable to control his emotions any longer, he dragged Arielle to his side and shook her arm roughly. “He’s just a bodyguard, isn’t he? Why do you care so much about him?”

Vinson did not expect Aaron to lose his composure. However, the blob of crimson staining through her white gauze was the final straw for him. He stepped forward and stared at Aaron with a look of cold fury. “Let her go.”

Aaron was flabbergasted. Nobody else has ever spoken to me in such a tone in this country other than my parents and grandmother!

Aaron did not lower his glare. “I refuse. What are you going to do about it? Who are you to speak to me with such an insolent attitude?”

“How could you say such things, Aaron?” Arielle yelled at him, aghast.

Despite his arrogance, Vinson came to Turlen anonymously for me and is forced to endure Aaron’s insults. How is fair to him?

“He’s just a bodyguard, Ari. Why are you protecting him?” Aaron tightened his grip around her arm, his heart aching with jealousy.

Seeing Arielle wincing in pain was too much for Vinson. Losing all control, he grabbed Aaron’s arm and slammed him onto the floor while the latter was taken aback.

Hurting my woman in front of me is asking for death!

Fueled by the jealous rage simmering within him, Aaron leaped to his feet. By the next second, he had arrived before Vinson and swung a fist at his face.

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