Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1439

Chapter 1439 He Is The prince

“I’m fine. The swelling will subside in two days.” Arielle reached for Vinson’s hand reassuringly at the sight of his mutinous expression.

“You should lay down and get some rest.” Without another word, Vinson carried her to the bed and covered her with a quilt before tidying up the ward. Just as he was done, another knock came from the door of the ward, to his displeasure. Who is it at this time?

Walking over and opening the door, he was greeted by a woman in an off-white suit flanked by a dozen men in black suits standing at the door of the ward. All of them regarded him with hostility.

“Are you the bodyguard who injured Prince Aaron?” The woman who spoke was none other than the queen’s confidant, Miranda.

The queen had not seen Aaron for several days. When she heard that the queen mother had summoned him, she gave him a call. However, Aaron did not pick up, so the queen told Miranda to contact his bodyguard.

To their surprise, they found out that Arielle’s bodyguard had beaten up Aaron. Furious at her son being treated like that by a peasant, the queen sent for Miranda to bring Vinson back to the palace at once to face her wrath.

Upon hearing Miranda interrogate Vinson, Arielle leaped off the bed, slipped on her shoes, and walked to the door to confront her. She pulled Vinson behind her as she stared defiantly at the group of servants, who did not regard her with any more kindness than they did Vinson.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” Arielle glared at the tall woman before her.

The servants could tell at a glance that she was the shot caller of the duo.

“I am a confidante of the queen’s,” Miranda proclaimed regally. “We are here to bring this man, who has been accused of laying his hands on Prince Aaron, back to the palace.”

After letting her proclamation ring out impressively into the silence, Miranda studied Arielle impassively. No wonder the prince is obsessed with her. She really is a beautiful girl. Those eyes are to die for.

Prince Aaron!

Arielle was stunned. Despite always knowing that he was somebody special, never in her wildest dreams would she have expected him to be the prince of Turlen.

However, it’s still up to me whether or not Vinson is taken away!

“Please tell your queen that he is with me. In fact, Aaron was struck under my orders. If he wants trouble, he should come to me instead of my man. After all, I call the shots.” Arielle stared at Miranda with a steely glare that made it clear that there was no room for compromise.

Even if Vinson understood Turlenese, I wouldn’t allow him to be taken away from me either. Since he’s stuck with me, I shall have to do my best to protect him, although he may not need me to.

“Ms. Moore, please do not put us in a difficult position,” Miranda said.

How dare she try to take me away with the knowledge that I am a guest of the king and the prince?

“You are the one making things difficult for me,” Arielle replied coldly.

With that, Miranda had no choice but to step away from Arielle to call the queen, who was furious upon hearing Miranda recount her confrontation with Arielle.

“If she wants to do this the hard way,” she seethed before hanging up, “bring them both back.” Just as well. I want to meet the woman my son is smitten with.

“Very well, Your Majesty.”

While Miranda stepped outside to the corridor, Vinson turned to Arielle.

“Who are they and what are they doing?”

“The queen sent them,” she said frankly. “They’re here because you beat Aaron up. Apparently, he’s the prince of this country. Now that the queen has learned that he was beaten by you, she’ll most likely have you taken to the palace.”

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