Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 217

Chapter 217 He Bought Daily Yield Group

Suddenly, Edward’s butler walked toward him quickly. “Mr. Edward, Ms. Morey wants to see you.”

Edward was stunned. After that, he was so excited that his body trembled. “Let her in at once! Oh, no! Bring me to her!”

Soon, Edward met Alessia.

Alessia was in a red dress. The color of her dress was so bright it was as if it was on fire. Moreover, she had pinned a griffin emblem in front of her chest.

Edward knew what the symbol meant.

That was the emblem of Horizon Group.

As for Alessia, she was one of the Four Greatest Divine Generals who served right under Lord Campbell.

Wyvern King was Kingsley Felton, and Phoenix King was Alessia Morey.

“Greetings, Ms. Morey. Is Lord Campbell in good health lately?” Edward was a plump man with white hair in his seventies.

“I’m here for one reason. And that is to decline Paramount Hotel’s proposal to ring the bell and get listed. Besides that, I’m here to remind Bryan and Howard Garcia a little that they have offended Lord Campbell!” said Alessia.

After finishing her words, she stared at Edward intensely, turned, and left.

Edward was stunned. A while later, he made a phone call like a mad man. “Quick! Paramount Hotel is going to ring the bell soon! Make them stop immediately!”

After that, Edward quickly took out his phone and started calling some people. The first person he called was Howard Garcia, Bryan’s father.

Meanwhile, in Paramount Hotel, Donald and Bryan were sitting opposite each other. The atmosphere in the venue was unpleasant.

Bryan raised his arm and took a look at his watch. “It has been about three minutes. I’m curious about what you can do. How dare you show off in front of me? You’re not worthy enough to do that! Everyone is born different and has a different social status ranking. As for you, you belong to the lowest rank! I don’t understand what Jennifer saw in you back then. Just like what Kevin said, what can you give her? So, from today onward, let me take care of Jennifer. Don’t worry. I will love her and treat her nicely. Besides that, I will have several kids with her. If they are boys, I will educate them so they wouldn’t become someone like you. If they are girls, I will try my best to send them overseas so they wouldn’t meet a jerk like you.”

While Bryan was narrating his hopes for the future, a cold glint flashed across his eyes. Then, he continued, “As for you, I’ve made my decision. You won’t be able to walk out of Paramount Hotel tonight. I have a hundred ways to make you disappear from this world. You might fall from a building, encounter an accident, or experience an electric shock. There are many methods to end you.”

Donald looked up and said, “Don’t celebrate too early. Time’s… up.”

“Fine! I’m curious to see the tricks you will be putting up today!” As time passed, Bryan gradually lost his patience. Thus, he stood up and pointed at Donald.

Suddenly, someone pushed open the door. Immediately, Bryan turned his head and looked toward the entrance. “Mr. Larson, why are you here?”

A middle-aged man came in. His gaze landed on Donald. “Excuse me, are you Mr. Campbell?”

That man was Shawn Larson, the biggest shareholder of Daily Yield Group. Besides that, he was the brother-in-law of Harvey.

“Yes, I am.” Donald nodded.

Shawn was polite. He said, “Mr. Campbell is truly a hero. You’re so generous!”

Upon hearing that, Bryan frowned. “Mr. Larson, why are you treating him so nicely! He is merely a security guard!”

Shawn glared at Bryan coldly. “Security guard? Do you know that he has just bought all the shares of Daily Yield Group with thirty-five billion in cash?” scolded Shawn.

Did Shawn say that Donald acquired the entire Daily Yield Group for thirty-five billion using cash? Does he have a hundred percent control of it now?

Bryan widened his eyes instantly. “Mr. Larson, he is just a security guard. Are you sure your information is correct? Moreover, my father is also one of the shareholders of Daily Yield Group. Why didn’t we get any news about the acquisition? I’m sure there must be a mistake, as nobody is wealthy enough to do that!”

An icy glint flashed across Shawn’s eyes. “Do you think I will joke about this?”

His words came like a bolt from the blue for Bryan. At that, the latter was dumbfounded.

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