Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Stop Boasting About Yourself

Shawn was Harvey’s brother-in-law and the biggest shareholder of Daily Yield Group. Thus, Shawn would never joke about this matter.

I can’t imagine an individual purchasing the entire Daily Yield Group for thirty-five billion in cash. At the moment, Daily Yield Group is expanding. If Paramount Hotel is successfully listed, the market value of Daily Yield Group will go up to seventy to eighty billion! As Harvey is the majority shareholder of Daily Yield Group, it wouldn’t be logical for him to sell off a money-making business for thirty-five billion only. Alas, he did sell it!

Bryan fixed his gaze on Donald with a frown. “You’ve hidden yourself well! However, it doesn’t matter if it is sold. As long as Paramount Hotel is still under my control, the purchase will not affect me much!”

Paramount Hotel had started to separate its operations from Daily Yield Group.

Shawn nodded. In fact, he didn’t want to sell it in the first place.

However, he had received much information from different parties to sell Daily Yield Group as soon as possible.

Although Shawn didn’t understand what was happening, he still obediently followed the person’s orders.

That was because the person who called and gave him the news was his mentor, who had retired for ten years, Xavier Yoder. Moreover, Xavier was the previous leader of Pollerton.

“Mr. Campbell, do you mind telling me which family are you from? Could it be that the Campbell clan is planning to take you back as one of them soon?” asked Shawn.

Donald sneered. “I am not interested in the Campbell clan. Besides that, I don’t think there is a need to go back to them!”

Immediately, Shawn assumed that there was someone powerful backing Donald.

He must be working for a big shot! Could it be that he’s working for Lana, Charles, and Reina? Only these three financial magnates can afford to pay so much cash in one go. Shawn suddenly thought of a possibility.

Subsequently, Shawn’s phone rang.

Shortly after, Shawn’s attitude became indifferent toward Donald, and he was no longer polite to the latter.

That was because Shawn had received a phone call telling him Charles and Lana had intervened in the acquisition of Daily Yield Group.

“Mr. Campbell, you’re such a young and promising man who could win the favor of Charles and Lana. However, as I’m curious, can you tell me why you want to purchase Daily Yield Group?” asked Shawn.

“For a moment, I thought you’ve become rich. I can’t believe you are supported financially by a woman, and you’re Charles and Lana’s dog!” Bryan regained his senses and continued, “You’re so good at bragging. You nearly tricked me!”

Donald merely glanced at Bryan coldly. He didn’t have the interest to reply to the latter.

“Hey, what is wrong with you? Can’t you see I’m talking to you? Why are you so rude?” Suddenly, Shawn was furious.

I was in the middle of having fun when I got the news about Daily Yield Group’s acquisition. Does he know how angry I am now? Yes, I can get a lot of money. But how much exactly will I receive?

Donald said flatly, “I don’t think you are worthy enough to converse with me!”

Shawn was stunned. In the next second, his face darkened. “Oh, why are you still boasting about yourself before me?”

At that, Donald smiled as he pointed toward Bryan. “If you want to continue managing Paramount Hotel, you’d better sever all connections with him!”

Shawn stared at Donald as if the latter was an idiot. Shawn said, “Are you joking with me? Who are you to speak to me so arrogantly? Even if Charles and Lana came, I wouldn’t do it for their sake. Moreover, Bryan’s father is also one of the shareholders of Daily Yield Group.”

Bryan’s father, Howard, and Shawn collaborated in many financial institutions, and Daily Yield Group was merely one of those.

In addition to that, Bryan was a famous private equity tycoon who was capable in the field.

As for Howard, he was a senior executive at Edward Foundation!

Hence, ninety percent of the proposals of companies in the country that wanted to get listed in Anglandur would go through Howard first.

It was something that even Shawn couldn’t do.

“Is his dad Howard Garcia?” asked Donald.

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