Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 219

Chapter 219 Arrested

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Bryan sneered. “However, I don’t think you know him and how powerful he is. As your status is so low, you will never be able to get to know a person as successful as my dad.”

“That’s fine. He isn’t qualified to know me. But someone will deal with him real soon,” said Donald.

Upon hearing that, Bryan couldn’t hold back anymore. He said, “Hey, Donald, is something wrong with your brain? My dad is a senior executive at Edward Foundation. At the moment, he is at Windmill Street. Even if you have Charles and Lana come over together, they don’t even have a chance to converse with my dad directly! Don’t think too highly of yourself! Fine. Let me expose your lies and see what you can say more!”

Immediately, Bryan called Howard. On the other side of the phone, the person said, “What’s wrong?”

“Dad, someone said he will be giving you a hard time. Moreover, that person has just bought Daily Yield Group. He said that you’re not qualified enough to know him!” While Bryan was speaking, he observed Donald’s expression.

At the moment, Donald remained cold and expressionless. His actions were unusually calm.

“Tell him to get lost! I’m busy. Next time, if you encounter something like this, solve it yourself. You can slap the person or make him disappear. You don’t have to talk nonsense with people like that!” With that said, Howard hung up.

After hanging up the call, Bryan said to Donald, “Did you hear him?”

Shawn chuckled as he shook his head. “Young man, you still have a long way to go. I suggest you stop lying to yourself. It’s embarrassing.”

“I’ll ask you one last time. Can you do it?” questioned Donald.

What Donald meant was to let Shawn break all business connections with Bryan, so that the latter wouldn’t have anywhere to do business in Pollerton.

“Who do you think you are!” Shawn was enraged.

What the hell? How can a person that merely has Charles and Lana backing him repeat the same sentence again and again?

“Did you ask who I am? All right, let me tell you. I will do what other people can do, and for what they can’t do, I will do it even more. In other words, I always take pre-emptive actions, because I am Donald Campbell!” Donald stood up with an icy expression.

Ring! Ring! Suddenly, the annoying ringtone of Shawn’s phone rang. He picked up the call.

“Quick! Cut all business collaborations with Bryan at once! If you don’t do it now, everything will be too late!” An old and anxious voice rang out from the other end of the phone.

While Shawn was still stunned by the call, he suddenly heard the beeping sounds of a disconnecting call.

Clearly, an external device had interrupted the call, and someone was starting to cut off the line.

“What is happening?” Shawn mumbled to himself. Just then, the door opened.

Five middle-aged men in their uniforms walked in with stern expressions as they presented an arrest warrant. “Bryan Garcia, you’re suspected of manipulating the securities market. You are under arrest!”

At that moment, Shawn was dumbfounded as he stared at Donald in disbelief.

All along, Shawn knew that Bryan had illegally manipulated the securities market. However, because his father was Howard, many private equity institutions treated Bryan respectfully and kept flattering him.

That gave Bryan a chance to rise to his success.

The most famous thing Bryan did was when he purchased stock in a short position and made a powerful come back in the securities market. He started with thirty thousand and became the Stock God of Chanaea. But how much of his success is due to his own abilities? Bryan is involved in too many things. If the police arrest him, the stock market will become volatile. And if Howard is infuriated, I can’t estimate how many financial institutions can survive the incident. Based on the latest statistics, every month, there are more than ten companies that will launch on Windmill Street.

“Are you sure?” Bryan narrowed his eyes.

The middle-aged man in uniform looked stern as he said, “No matter who you are and what kind of powerful backer you have, you’ve broken the law. Thus, you will have to bear legal responsibility.”

“Wait a minute. I want to call someone,” said Bryan calmly. Again, Bryan made an international call to his father, Howard.

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