Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 220

Chapter 220 Doomed

Bryan began, “Dad…”

However, Howard spontaneously burst out, “Exactly who did you offend? I received a severe warning from Edward Foundation, and I’m still in the midst of liaising with them. Mr. Edward personally came forward to speak with me!”

As he heard this, Bryan suddenly felt an icy chill wash over him.

To think it extended all the way to the Edward Foundation… And Mr. Edward himself reached out in person as well. What could have happened?

“What’s wrong, Dad?” he asked.

However, he didn’t receive a reply. Instead, he picked up on the familiar voice of his teacher, who also happened to be Howard’s boss, Edward. The latter said, “I’m sorry, Howard. I don’t think it’s suitable for you to work at Edward Foundation currently. You’re fired!”

“In addition, these are the signatures from one hundred twenty-three foundations on Windmill Street jointly demanding your expulsion. From this moment, you’re hereby banished from Windmill Street! We’ve also looked into all the kickbacks you obtained from the listed companies. The immigration authorities will be sure to press charges against you for your financial crimes!” Edward added.

Bryan’s head swirled in confusion as he took in the series of developments that rapidly unfolded before him.

Once again, Edward’s voice carried over as he said, “Is that Bryan on the phone? Bring it over here.”

“Mr. Edward…” Bryan said as his body began to shake uncontrollably in fear. He had never felt this much terror in his life before today.

Edward’s voice was devoid of his usual gentleness as he sternly said, “You used to be my favorite student, Bryan. However, that’s not the case anymore. You’ve offended someone that you shouldn’t have messed around with. The man before you is simply one you can’t afford to cross! Don’t you regret it now?”

With that, the call ended. Bryan immediately turned to point fiercely at Donald as he asked, “What did you do? Tell me now! What in the world did you pull here?”

Bryan was utterly incensed. Before that incident had occurred, he was well poised to rise rapidly through the ranks and join the exclusive group of billionaires under the age of thirty. However, he now had nothing to his name and was on the verge of ending up in prison to boot.

All of a sudden, he pivoted to face Shawn and helplessly pleaded, “Save me, Mr. Larson!”

Shawn shot a deep and meaningful glance at Donald before he smiled coldly and said, “Let me make a call.”

With that, he reached out and called his brother-in-law. Unbeknownst to the others, their lifeline was Harvey Ward himself.

Harvey was already well into his sixties and was currently seated in his study as he meticulously painted an exquisite painting in a focused and fully engrossed state.

When the phone suddenly rang, his hand reflexively jerked, and the brush in his hand ran amok on the canvas. The mountain landscape that he was so proud of before was now ruined by a single ugly brushstroke.

His mood was immediately ruined as he picked up the phone and demanded, “Speak up! What do you want?”

“Harvey, there’s someone proclaiming to be Donald Campbell that’s currently causing trouble at Paramount Hotel. He seems to have tapped on some forbidden power and is now bent on arresting Bryan,” explained Shawn.

Harvey’s voice was icy cold as he replied, “It’s not enough that he bought over Daily Yield Group, but he’s up to something else as well? Hand him the phone! I want to speak directly to him.”

Donald received the phone and introduced himself, “I’m Donald Campbell.”

Harvey’s low voice carried over as he replied, “I’m Harvey Ward. You little punk! You should be thankful for everything you have. Things can only go badly for you if you’re too greedy.”

“Mr. Ward, didn’t Neil tell you that forming a coalition, colluding with others to profit for personal gain, manipulating the stock market, and providing insider information is illegal?” asked Donald as he smiled coldly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Furthermore, that’s just your word alone, and you’re accusing me without any evidence! I’ll sue you for slander.” Harvey was not bothered at all.

“0329,” stated Donald simply before he hung up the phone right after.

“Oh, no!” exclaimed Harvey as he suddenly felt the rapidly intensifying thumping of his heart in response to Donald’s last words.

No one understood better than Harvey what those numbers represented.

It was the account number of one of his offshore bank accounts. He had gone to great lengths to hide the existence of such an account and masked it with layers and layers of subterfuge. To the untrained eye, it would seem like nothing more than a store for gold in Warblerich Bank.

As it was a bank renowned for prioritizing its clients’ privacy above all else, that made it all the more surprising for Harvey that Donald had found out about the account’s existence.

All of a sudden, a series of rapid knocks echoed from the direction of the door before it was pushed open, and a half dozen uniformed men walked in. “Harvey Ward, we’re from Pollerton’s Special Activities and Anti-Corruption Unit. Please come with us!”

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