Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Who Are You

Harvey was caught by surprise and froze. His face drained of all color.

Each city had its own Special Activities Unit, but they always remained concealed and kept their presence hidden amongst the city’s people. They operated off-the-books and were under the direct command of Chiliad Avion. Most of the time, they remained still and kept to themselves. However, once activated, it was almost guaranteed that their target could not escape.

Even so, Harvey’s mind scrambled to devise a counter-strategy as he mildly asked, “May I ask what crime I have committed?”

The section chief in the lead pulled out a sheath of documents and announced, “Illegal tampering and manipulation of the securities market, use of personal influence and authority to prop up a representative and having considerable wealth with unidentified origin. In addition, here’s another piece of bad news for you. Paramount Hotel’s proposal to be listed has been rejected.”

Harvey couldn’t believe that Donald could be this terrifying.

First, he had bought over Daily Yield Group using almost thirty-five billion in cash. Now, he had managed to call off Paramount Hotel’s listing and gotten Howard carted off to a huge jail outside the country.

In an instant, all the energy seemed to drain out of Harvey’s body as he mulled over Donald’s influence. He willingly extended his arms forward in a peaceful surrender as he asked, “If possible, I would like to at least know who did me in. Who in the world is Donald Campbell?”

The section chief’s face remained impassive as he replied, “That’s not important. What’s more important is that you committed several crimes!”

In response, Harvey demanded, “I would like to make a phone call.”

The section chief agreed, and Harvey immediately reached out to contact Shawn. He pleaded, “Hurry and help me seek forgiveness from Donald! At this rate, I can’t even save myself! The proposal for Paramount Hotel to be listed has been rejected!”

Upon hearing the news, Shawn and Bryan instantly felt as if their world was crashing down around them.

They were astounded at what measures and lengths Donald had to go to in order to push them to that point. It was simply too terrifying to behold.

“Who in the world are you?” asked Shawn shakily, and his hands trembled violently with fear. As he pointed his finger at Donald, he glanced briefly at his phone and almost doubled over in shock from what he saw.

He had received a message from the secretary he was having an affair with. It simply stated that all of Paramount Hotel’s assets had been frozen.

“It’s over! It’s all over now!” Shawn wailed. He was on the verge of tears.

Donald mercilessly rubbed it in and said, “Well, I did ask you twice if you wanted to keep Paramount Hotel.”

“I’m going to kill you! I’ll kill you, you scumbag!” Bryan yelled as his face contorted with rage.

Suddenly, the door was flung open, and Octavio’s corpse haphazardly thrown in.

Bryan bent down to take a closer look. His vision turned black as he sputtered, “Did you do this?”

“Yeah!” Donald admitted nonchalantly.

Bryan’s legs went weak, and he lost his balance from the shock. He let out a weak chuckle as he commented, “We haven’t met for just a few short years, but you’ve become such a powerful and influential figure. You’ve even gotten rid of someone like Octavio!”

“Send them to Chiliad Avion, please. Thanks for your help, Mr. Hawthorn,” stated Donald politely as he shook the section chief’s hand.

“You’re too polite, Mr. Campbell. We’re just doing our job.”

In just a few short hours, Daily Yield Group’s name was changed, and Paramount Hotel had disappeared.

Meanwhile, Jennifer waited anxiously outside the patient room as Kevin underwent his surgery.

Leonard and Linda rushed over the second they found out about the news.

Linda dispensed with the pleasantries and proceeded to slap Jennifer as she screamed, “You foolish woman! How dare you insist on clinging to Donald so shamelessly!”

A sliver of blood trickled down from the corner of Jennifer’s mouth. It was a ghastly sight to behold.

However, she didn’t wipe it off. Instead, she bit her lip and looked at her mother.

As they locked eyes, a tinge of guilt ultimately appeared on her face.

After all, Donald had broken both of Kevin’s legs right in front of her.

“Let me tell you here and now, Jennifer. If I ever catch you getting tangled up with Donald again, I’ll disown you as my daughter! Don’t even think of crawling back to call me Mom!” thundered Linda sternly. She continued, “From now on, be it Bryan, Nigel, or anyone else, you’re not allowed to reject them! You’ll marry whoever has wealth and money to their name. Do you hear me?”

Leonard’s face was sullen as he chimed in, “What’s so great about Donald anyway?”

Jennifer didn’t say a single word in reply. Instead, she only continued to look at her parents with unbridled sorrow in her eyes.

Linda couldn’t tolerate it any further. She marched forward and viciously pinched Jennifer’s arm several times as she yelled, “I asked if you heard what I said!”

At that moment, countless bruises started to form on Jennifer’s once pristine skin.

Unwilling to shy away from this any further, she said, “Got it.”

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