Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 222

Chapter 222 Corpse

Leonard and Linda walked away in a huff. They peeped in from outside of the operating room even though nothing could be seen.

After around half an hour, with the light of the operating room turning green, the surgeon came out.

“Doctor, how’s my son?” Linda asked anxiously.

“Your son needs to recuperate for at least half a year. He’s suffered from multiple comminuted fractures. For now, it’s hard to tell whether there’ll be any sequelae, but he’ll be able to move freely after he recovers,” answered the doctor.

Linda’s face turned grim. “That wretched Donald was ruthless!”

She then glared at Jennifer viciously.

Donald met with Raymond after he walked out of Paramount Hotel.

Raymond was having some tea. He cast a glance at Donald. “Are you in a bad mood?”

Donald did not keep it a secret. “It’s impossible between me and Jennifer because I’ve broken both of Kevin’s legs.”

Raymond’s hand trembled. He forced out a smile. “Your temperament… is not good.”

“I have no choice. I can’t survive in Quadfield if I were softhearted.” Donald let out a long sigh.

“Quadfield…” Raymond took a sip of the tea. “Is the S9-Grade laboratory all right?”

“It’s stabilized, but many parties are spying on it. However, it’s still safe overall,” answered Donald.

An S9-Grade laboratory was a laboratory of the highest grade, as well as the distribution center of cutting-edge technology!

There was currently only one S9-Grade laboratory in the country, and it was located in Quadfield.

It was because of the S9-Grade laboratory that Donald managed to rise to his success within ten years.

“After the land reclamation project, I’m preparing to build an S7-Grade laboratory on the reclaimed land to research two cutting-edge technologies,” said Donald.

Raymond did not have much interest in those. He reverted to the original topic, “You can’t give up on Jennifer. Do you understand me?”

Donald showed a rueful smile.

“You don’t understand. I can see things that you can’t. Someone of a similar level as me would also be astonished to come across Jennifer. No matter what, you have to protect her safety and keep her by your side,” Raymond said.

Donald sighed. “Let’s see how it goes.”

The next morning, the news that the biggest shareholder of Daily Yield Group, Shawn Larson was arrested alongside Harvey Ward and Bryan Garcia was announced.

It was also revealed in the morning news that Daily Yield Group was purchased by a mysterious person overnight at thirty-five billion. Moreover, the assets of Paramount Hotel were fully frozen and would be listed for judicial auction!

Jennifer was astounded. Kevin, who was lying on the hospital bed, was also shocked. His face darkened for a long time before he cursed, “D*mn it!”

Immediately after, he took a disposable cup from the bedside table and threw it at Jennifer. She was drenched.

Kevin lost his temper. “Twice! Jennifer, you’re not fated to make a great fortune! You deserve to be poor! It serves you right that you still have no means of getting the start-up capital until now! This won’t happen if you gave your consent earlier! Look at me right now! It’s all thanks to your ex-husband!”

Jennifer left without saying anything.

At Pollerton Translations, Akio was unable to get in touch with Octavio. He was clueless about who Bryan met with yesterday night.

At that moment, Akio was staring into space at the desk. Suddenly, a subordinate dragged a body bag to his front. “Mr. Ono, bad news!”

Akio opened the body bag and immediately saw the person inside.

The person was Octavio, and his corpse was split into two.

Akio threw up at once. “Who did this? D*mn it! Who did this?!”

The subordinate narrowed his eyes. “Mr. Ono, the person behind this must be someone formidable.”

Akio frowned. “What makes you say so?”

“Take a look at the cross-sections of the corpse. They’re incredibly neat with extreme symmetry. This means the body was split in half in an instant. However, it’s not resulted from a sword since there’s no attrition.” The subordinate looked like he was in his forties. He was stout and also practiced martial arts. Most importantly, he was a compatriot.

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