Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 223

Chapter 223 All Kinds Of Troubles Arose

“So?” Akio’s heart sank. Octavio was one of the top-ten elites in Yartran and the commander of two hundred and fifty armies. Akio could not believe that Octavio was murdered just like that.

“It’s vital energy in martial arts. It seems to result from Stormy Kicks of Twelve Springing Legs!” The subordinate said, “Only a few people in the country are capable of mastering Stormy Kicks out of the Twelve Springing Kicks and executing the technique to murder someone. I’ll pay each of them a visit!”

Akio nodded. “Find out who’s behind this as soon as possible. Where’s the surveillance footage from last night?”

The subordinate shook his head. “All of the surveillance footage of Paramount Hotel, including those within twenty kilometers along the way have been erased!”

A worried look appeared on Akio’s face.

Gideon was in a bad mood recently. He had initially signed the agreement with Torson International and contracted to be the third party. However, Jason breached the contract and said he would end their partnership.

That threw Gideon into a panic.

Tyrone assisted Gideon to become his representative in Pollerton so that he could seize several projects, but the chance was gone now!

“Uncle Gideon, what should we do now?” asked Michael.

Although Michael was Raymond’s son, he had decided to side with Gideon in order to achieve more prosperity and wealth.

Gideon cast an eerie gaze at Michael. “What else can we do? We can only beg for help from Stardew International! I’m paying Starlyn a visit. Get ready and go with me.”

Stardew International was one of the enterprises that won the bid in the land reclamation project.

Starlyn was a lot more successful compared to Gideon.

Bryan previously guided her to success through their joint acquisition of the Pollerton Heavy Machinery Industry.

Now that Bryan was in trouble, Starlyn became the one in charge of Pollerton Heavy Machinery Industry, whereas Nigel called the shots in Shawsby Mountain. Both of them united to keep the few successful bidders under control.

Starlyn was even more ambitious and intended to take the third parties of the other four organizations over!

At that moment, Starlyn was sitting in the office with a graceful man behind her, who was massaging her shoulders.

She was enjoying the massage with her eyes closed.

The man asked gently, “Jennifer, Reina, Gideon, Jason, and even Finnegan are asking to meet you. Who are you meeting first?”

Starlyn’s eyes remained closed. “Let’s meet Reina first. She’s your ex-girlfriend anyway, isn’t she?”

The man smiled dryly. “It’s all in the past.”

The man was Reina’s ex-boyfriend. Back when Reina was just starting her own business, he divulged her business plan to Starlyn and almost caused a fatal blow to her.

With his genial smile and handsome look, the man could sweep numerous women off their feet with his celebrity-like appearance.

That was also why Reina fancied him in the first place.

Starlyn suddenly turned around and looked at the man’s dashing side profile. “Benjamin Xander, are you the culprit behind the poisoning incident during Reina’s project on the valuable ornamental fishes?”

Benjamin smiled lightly. “What do you think? I’ve merely revealed her sales channel to you, but I’m not the one behind the poisoning.”

With an ambivalent smile, Starlyn did not probe into it.

Donald received a call from Reina just when he finished meeting with Raymond. Reina pleaded, “Donald, can you go to Stardew International with me?”

“What’s the matter?” asked Donald.

Among the few successful bidders, only Stardew International was considered normal and was able to operate as usual.

Starlyn was in control of Pollerton Heavy Machinery Industry and also owned some shares in Shawsby Mountain. Hence, even Nigel had to obey her.

Moreover, she was from the Anderson family.

The Anderson family’s headquarters was located in Durbaine, and the family was the tycoon there.

“I’m thinking of meeting Starlyn. Dozens of large-sized excavators that I’ve ordered are held up,” said Reina.

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