Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Shared Bike

“She dares to detain the machines even though Charles dealt with her personally?” Donald frowned. He did not like Starlyn and Nigel’s ways of handling things.

Although some competition in business was normal, it was immoral to breach the contract, detain the excavators in the factory, and even took down Shawsby Mountain.

“Hold on. I’ll arrange someone to deal with Stardew International,” Donald said indifferently.

If he were to make an appearance personally, the entire Stardew International would disappear in a moment.

At that moment, Donald was full of hostility.

“The main thing is, it’s not because of this…” Reina said hesitantly.

“What’s it?” Donald asked.

After hesitating for a split second, Reina uttered, “My ex-boyfriend is her boyfriend now. They will surely embarrass me when I meet them. I don’t want to see them boasting in front of me. I hope you can pretend to be my boyfriend and give me some support…”

Donald was rendered speechless. However, he agreed to her request and said, “Fine then. Where will you be waiting for me?”

“I’ll wait for you at the entrance of my company.”

After hanging up the call, Donald took time to ponder before giving Charles a call. Donald said, “Charlie.”

“Mr. Campbell, please go ahead.” Charles was polite and emotional at the same time while replying to Donald. He appeared to be excited after answering the call.

“I am going to show my support for Reina. In ten minutes, prepare all the luxurious cars you can that are worth more than fifty million and park them on the ground floor of Stardew International,” Donald answered straightforwardly.

Charles was dumbfounded before revealing his admiration for Donald. “Yes, Mr. Campbell!”

Then, Charles called Zayne, “Zay, come over here.”

Zayne hurried toward him. “Yes, Mr. Langford?”

Charles explained Donald’s order to Zayne before giving a thumbs-up. “Do you see it? This is what we call a professional! Lord Campbell’s capability of pursuing girls is indeed impressive. It is indeed shocking once he starts to make his move.”

Zayne nodded in agreement. “Yes, indeed.”

Curiosity washed over Charles again when he asked, “Zay, do you think…”

Zayne immediately answered seriously, “They must have slept together before. Even if they haven’t, it will surely happen in the future.”

Charles was displeased to hear that. “Why do I feel like you’re trying to brush me off?”

Zayne flinched. “Mr. Langford, if there’s nothing else, I’ll proceed to make the arrangement. We must make a big scene to scare Starlyn off!”

Donald then called Kingsley and requested the latter to prepare for his plan.

Kingsley understood what he wanted at that instant. Kingsley liked Donald’s wicked sense of humor and said, “Lord Campbell, please do not worry about that. I’ll prepare everything for you. I promise it will shock Pollerton in an hour later.”

Ten minutes later, Donald hopped on the shared bike and arrived at Reina’s company.

Reina was startled before she appeared to be delighted. “Are you taking me there with this?”

Donald asked, “Can I? If not, I’ll have to borrow Lana’s Aston Martin.”

Reina grinned widely. Her clear, bright eyes were apparent when she lifted her head. “It’s okay. This is good enough. I’m not short of money. Having you here is enough as support. I feel complete and secure with you by my side.”

Donald stared at Reina and did not say anything.

Reina sighed before sitting in the backseat happily. She wrapped her arms around Donald’s waist, her face leaning against his back. “Let’s head to Stardew International!”

The bright sun in the early autumn shone warmly on the duo. Reina shut her eyes, enjoying the breeze while listening to Donald’s strong heartbeat. She had a blissful expression on her face.

When they came to a traffic junction, Jennifer, who was in a taxi, noticed them through the car window.

Donald saw Jennifer too. They exchanged looks quietly.

Jennifer wound up the car window with tears welling up in her eyes. Then, she started sobbing in the car.

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