Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Arowana

Jennifer noticed the delighted expression on Reina’s face. The former had a similar countenance a long time ago.

Donald remained silent while wearing a poker face. A cold glint flickered across his eyes.

The taxi overtook the bike when the traffic light turned green.

“That girl earlier was Jennifer,” Reina said lightly.

Donald answered, “I saw that.”

Reina sighed. “I once wished that both of you would break up so that I would stand a chance to be with you. However, why do I feel sad when I see both of you acting like strangers now?”

“The fault is not with us but with this world,” Donald said softly.

Reina uttered, “Would you feel sad if she ends up with someone else in the future?”

Donald stayed silent for a while before answering, “I don’t know. I think I would.”

Then, the two of them lost interest in continuing the conversation. Therefore, they kept silent throughout the journey.

Soon, they arrived at Stardew International.

There were six or seven industries under Stardew International. Their areas of business were quite similar to Reina’s.

They started their business by breeding valuable ornamental fishes and selling them.

One Arowana was worth tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. During the peak of the business, Reina and Starlyn had bred more than a total of five hundred adult Arowana in their aquariums.

“Benjamin is my ex-boyfriend. We were together for two years and managed the aquarium together. However, the five hundred Arowana I wanted to sell died in a night,” Reina said as they stood on the ground floor.

“These valuable ornamental fishes would only live in high-quality water. They require a continuous supply of oxygen as well. I had already found the sales channels for the five hundred Arowana at that time. After deducting the expenses and costs, I could still earn a few million. On the other hand, Starlyn’s sale was stagnant. She would need to spend a lot of money on daily maintenance. The night before we sold the Arowana, all of my five hundred Arowana were killed by poison.” A look filled with deep hatred appeared on Reina’s face as she said that.

“Five hundred Arowana! That was worth more than tens of millions. After that, we detected pesticides in more than a hundred fish tanks. The next day, Stardew International sold all of their Arowana using my sales channels.”

Hearing that, Donald asked, “Benjamin did that?”

Reina answered, “Who else can it be? However, I don’t have any concrete evidence. He covered up everything perfectly. All of the investigations were fruitless. In the end, the matter was just left as it was. If I did not buy insurance earlier, the disaster was enough to put me into a hopeless situation.”

Donald comforted her, “It is all over now. I’ll help you regain your pride later and make him regret leaving you.”

Reina flashed him a sweet smile. “It’s fine. I’m not nervous anymore with you here.”

Despite that, Donald could still see the disappointment and the pain in her eyes.

After Reina’s mother passed away, her father started a new family and even cheated one million from her. At that time, she met Benjamin during the lowest point of her life.

Benjamin showered her with love and concern, and they even started a business together.

However, Reina never would have thought that Benjamin would betray her and give her the deadliest blow, causing her to lose everything in her life.

“I dated Benjamin for two to three years, but the most we did were holding hands,” Reina explained to Donald in a low voice.

Dumbfounded, Donald asked, “Why are you telling me this?”

Reina was rendered speechless.

“Hello. We have an appointment with Ms. Anderson,” said Reina politely when they arrived at the front desk.

“Okay. Please wait at Conference Room Two,” the receptionist answered politely.

Donald and Reina noticed many people were there after entering the conference room.

They were people that Donald and Reina knew, including Gideon, Michael, Akio, Nigel, Jennifer, Rupert, and Anastasia.

Everyone shifted their attention to the duo after they entered the room.

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