Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 226

Chapter 226 Worthless

Their eyes reflected their different state of mind. Jennifer’s gaze was emotionless, as if she was void of all feelings.

On the other hand, a thoughtful light glinted in Rupert and Nigel’s eyes.

Pollerton is no longer peaceful lately because of all the strange and unusual incidents. The death of Harrison from Pollerton Pharma. Louis and his entire family’s imprisonment. Jim’s death and the destruction of his remaining forces by an independent regiment instructed by someone. Octavio has also met his end. Someone used Stormy Kicks of the Twelve Springing Kicks to cut his body in half. The murder of Theo from the Wilson family of Tayhaven and Noah’s trusted aide, Bennett, the Four-Faced Angel, was also killed. Everything seems to be a mystery.

“Oh my, aren’t you a successful kept man? First, it was Lana, then came Reina. What a wonderful life you’re living.” Gideon sneered.

Jack sat behind while shaking his legs. “You’re just an outcast of the Campbell clan. You won’t be able to stay arrogant for long. Once Mr. Tyrone makes his move, you’ll be the first he eliminates.”

Donald glanced at them calmly. “Is that so? If yes, I’ll be looking forward to that.”

He did not appear nervous. Instead, he even behaved slightly unscrupulously.

Gideon said coldly, “Is Raymond still involved in fortune-telling? I assume you’re acquainted with Zayne and Joshua because of Raymond’s influence? Donald, let me tell you, what you currently have is merely a fake power. Being self-sufficiently formidable is the most important thing. Raymond is already eighty years old this year, so I doubt he has many years left to live. Besides, Mr. Tyrone’s arrival in Pollerton will spell the end of this incredible life you’re living now. Therefore, I suggest you not be arrogant. I’ll arrange for someone to end your life tonight if you continue to act all high and mighty!”

Donald’s gaze gradually turned frosty as he stared at Gideon. His sharp and stern glare caused the latter to shudder.

How can someone have such a frightening look?

Rupert got up and said politely, “Mr. Campbell, may I know what’s your role here today?”

Donald narrowed his eyes at Rupert. “I’m here as a bodyguard. Is that all right?”

Rupert put on a courteous smile. “Very well. Thank you for enlightening us on that, Mr. Campbell.”

Everyone remained silent afterward, patiently waiting for Starlyn’s arrival.

Soon, Starlyn and Benjamin entered the meeting room.

Benjamin had a tall and sturdy physique. Standing at one hundred and eighty-five centimeters, he towered over Donald. He wore an expensive suit and a Richard Millie watch on his wrist. That watch was priced at eight million each.

His current identity was Stardew International’s vice president, who was in charge of refining precious metals.

In other words, his job was to process gold.

On the other hand, Starlyn’s figure was slender. She wore a professional outfit, giving off an imposing aura. It was apparent from her demeanor that she was a career woman.

Quite a number of people stood up and greeted them upon their advent.

Starlyn and Benjamin reciprocated each of their greetings. Then, Benjamin shifted his gentle gaze onto Reina and said, “It’s been a long while, Reina. I see you’re progressing well in your career.”

Reina replied expressionlessly, “Thanks to you, I’m doing good.”

Starlyn chuckled coyly. “Ms. Wilson, since you had a relationship with Mr. Xander in the past, does your heart still yearn for him now that you meet with him?”

Before Reina could say a word, Starlyn hugged Benjamin’s arm. “There’s nothing you can do even if you still have feelings for him because Benjamin is my boyfriend now!”

Then, she regarded Reina arrogantly as if she was flaunting her relationship with him.

Starlyn had always disliked Reina because the latter was a legend, well known for being a self-making tycoon. Reina had attained her current success through her own efforts.

Starlyn, on the contrary, had fully depended on the Anderson family’s assistance.

They had provided her with all the capital, resources, and connections she needed to establish Stardew International.

“That’s all right. I’m fine discarding something as worthless as that,” replied Reina.

Starlyn and Benjamin’s faces turned somber instantaneously.


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