Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 227

Chapter 227 Most Important Person

Reina had blatantly insulted Benjamin and Starlyn.

Everyone took in the turns of events in amusement.

They thought things were interesting as the two women fought for Benjamin’s affection.

Benjamin suddenly looked at Donald. “I suppose you are the Campbell clan’s outcast, Donald? Ten years ago, you were chased out of the Campbell clan and became the entire world’s laughingstock. Now you’re just a security guard. I wonder, what’s your current relationship with Reina?”

Reina piped up haughtily, “He’s the most important person in my life. Will that do?”

Everybody could sense her overflowing confidence and admiration when she uttered those words.

Those were emotions that could not be faked. Reina had truly felt those genuine sentiments in the deepest part of her heart.

That had undoubtedly proven Donald’s utmost significance to her.

“Donald is very important to me. I was young and immature, thinking that Benjamin was my soulmate. However, from the moment I’d known Donald, I realized I was wrong. Donald is thoughtful, generous, and mature. He’s way better than a certain someone!” Reina turned her face sideways to gaze at Donald tenderly.

She grew more agitated as she spoke and ended up grasping Donald’s hand.

Benjamin snorted in disdain. “He’s a mere security guard, yet you think so highly of him?”

Reina said, “So what if he’s a security guard? I think he’s much better than someone pretentious and insidious, don’t you agree?”

Starlyn became impatient all of a sudden. She chimed in indifferently, “That’s enough. Let me ask you, Reina, do you genuinely intend to discuss business matters today?”

Of course,” Reina replied.

Starlyn tucked her loose strands of hair beside her ears. “I am indeed in charge of Pollerton Heavy Machinery Industry. I’ll make myself clear. I will not provide you with the construction equipment you ordered, and I’ll pay the penalty for breaching the contract. Nigel and I manage Shawsby Mountain together, so I will not hand it over too. The only reason I’m doing all these is that I don’t like you. How dare a commoner like you think you can surpass the Anderson family’s three generations’ hard work with only ten years of effort?”

She paused briefly before continuing, “You are not qualified!”

“She’s not qualified? What are the prerequisites to be qualified then?” Donald scoffed.

Starlyn was stunned. Then, a disdainful expression spread across her face. “How dare a mere security guard like you interject in our conversation? You should know your place!”

Benjamin added, “Donald, you’re just a security guard. You may be working for Lana, but that does not change your lowly identity as a security guard, right? I heard that your grandfather is highly adept in fortune-telling, so you’re acquainted with Zayne, Tyson, Joshua, and the others, but how long do you reckon they can protect you? Therefore, you do not have the qualifications to join our conversation! Please get lost now!”

Benjamin pointed at the door, wearing a poker face.

Everyone stared at Reina and Donald in contempt.

However, Donald sat down and gazed at Benjamin. “Are you the culprit behind the aquarium poisoning incident four years ago?”

Everyone immediately listened intently to the shocking secret Donald was about to tell.

All of them knew that Reina used to cultivate and breed valuable ornamental fish in the past.

They were also informed of the incident involving the death by poison of over hundreds of precious Arowanas over one night.

That was why the crowd was very intrigued when Donald mentioned that matter.

Benjamin sneered and said, “Do you have any evidence? I suggest you tread lightly because I may sue you for defamation.”

Donald elaborated, “A woman, a young woman nonetheless, had put in so much effort to build her business. She had found over thirty channels to sell off her five hundred Arowanas, but just as she was about to regain her capital and make a slim profit, all the fish was poisoned to death by the person she trusted the most!”

Donald regarded Benjamin with a frosty expression. “Did you, by any chance, flush your conscience down the toilet when you sh*t?” That was the first time Donald had mouthed profanities.

Reina shuddered. Her eyes reddened as she hugged Donald’s right arm.

She was beside herself because Donald was standing up for her.

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