Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 228

Chapter 228 The Truth

Moreover, he stood up for her in front of others.

She was extremely touched.

On the other hand, Jennifer and the rest turned to look at Benjamin. If everything that Donald said was true, then Benjamin was indeed a despicable person.

“Donald! If you dare to spout nonsense again, don’t blame me for whatever happens next!” Starlyn yelled.

Donald lowered his gaze as he questioned, “After Reina’s Arowana fish had been poisoned, there were more than thirty channels that strangely joined another enterprise, Stardew International. Care to explain, Benjamin and Starlyn?”

After he had finished speaking, Donald suddenly looked up. His sharp eyes were fixated on both of them, his gaze piercing.

Instantly, Starlyn and Benjamin felt the pressure and dared not make eye contact with Donald.


Benjamin slammed his hand on the table and pointed at Donald. “Security! Kick this person out! That’s absurd. You don’t even have the evidence to prove your point, and yet you’re slandering us. Just wait for my lawyer’s letter!”

Donald’s lips curled into a sardonic smile. “You want proof? Fine. I’ll show you the proof!”

The crowd, including Benjamin and Starlyn, were stunned.

The situation that he was talking about had happened four or five years ago. Would there still be evidence?

Even if there was evidence, it would be hard to collect, right?

However, the next moment, Benjamin’s body started trembling all over when he saw a middle-aged man who looked to be in his fifties enter. The man looked somewhat cautious after seeing so many people around.

Donald stood up and began explaining, “Let me explain the situation to everyone. This is Mr. Evans, from the income sales department. Four to five years ago, he worked in the outskirt of Pollerton. His job consisted of marketing and selling pesticides and fertilizers. Mr. Evans, could you tell us who was the person that bought large quantities of pesticide from you that year?”

Mr. Evans looked at Donald fearfully. Afterward, he glanced over at Benjamin before saying, “It was this man…”

“Bullsh*t!” Benjamin hollered, “You think you can just slander me by finding a random man to put up an act with you?”

Donald looked him in the eyes mockingly before saying to Mr. Evans, “You may continue.”

Mr. Evans nodded respectfully and took out a flash drive. “This flash drive contains the footage from the surveillance cameras in my shop that year. I was concerned because of the large number of pesticides that he had bought in one go. Hence, to exercise more caution, I had retained the footage from the surveillance cameras just in case.”

Someone delivered a portable projector. It allowed the footage from the surveillance cameras to be clearly displayed for everyone to see.

In the footage, a somewhat younger Benjamin was seen wearing a cap. Still, everyone could clearly see that it was indeed him.

Donald questioned Benjamin expressionlessly, “Mr. Xander, you’ve led a pampered life. Having been brought up in a family that didn’t have to do labor work, could you tell me why you bought a hundred bottles of pesticides?”

Benjamin’s face went pale immediately. He looked at Donald in fear as he responded, “Fine. I bought them. But what could this even mean? I could’ve sent them to someone as a gift, for all you know.”

His explanation was so untenable that the crowd looked at him suspiciously. Even Starlyn did the same.

She regained her composure as she explained, “This cannot be counted as a piece of evidence, Donald. You don’t have any solid evidence which proved that Benjamin was the one who had poured the poison. Furthermore, I took down those thirty channels myself. This has got nothing to do with Reina!”

“Is that true?” Donald sarcastically smiled. “Then let me show you guys something.”

Afterward, he fished out his phone and called someone, saying, “Ask them to come in.”

Soon after, about thirty people swarmed into the room. Most of them were from Southeast Aploth.

“Eh? Isn’t that Mr. Johnson from Southeast Aploth?”

“And that’s Mr. Davis from Marley Nation…”

The crowd chattered on. This was because the thirty people that had just entered the room were all famous businessmen known for breeding valuable ornamental fishes and selling them. Moreover, they were all foreigners.

“Starlyn, do you know them?” Donald questioned.

Starlyn and Benjamin’s expressions changed drastically. They were horrified as they looked at Donald.

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