Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Arrested

“You can begin by telling everyone who sold the Arowana fish to you that year?” Donald pointed at a tanned middle-aged man.

The man bowed at Donald politely as he had no choice but to submit.

After all, Southeast Aploth sent a private military vehicle to his house and ordered him to tell the whole story of what had happened that year.

“That year, it was Mr. Benjamin Xander who contacted me. He told me that Reina’s valuable ornamental fishes had all died. Since I had already looked for a buyer, I had no other option but to choose Ms. Starlyn Anderson’s products.”

“It was Mr. Xander…”

“Yes. Mr. Xander and Ms. Anderson came together.”

“It was Benjamin.”

Everyone began talking.

Gideon and the rest looked at Benjamin and Starlyn. Judging from the duo’s expressions, they instantly realized that Donald was telling the truth.

“Is there anything else you want to say?” Donald questioned.

Starlyn and Benjamin stared at Donald with resentment.

Benjamin hollered, “So what? That still can’t prove that I was the one who poured the poison!”

He was determined to never admit to his mistakes. Otherwise, his reputation would be tarnished.

Donald sighed. “You just won’t give up, huh. Let’s welcome the police officer, Mr. Jonas, and the insurance broker from that year.”

The door was pushed open once again. A righteous and serious-looking man who was clad in a police uniform walked in. An insurance broker followed behind him.

“Benjamin, I’m Rory Jonas from Pollerton police station. My police code is 03227. I was in charge of the aquarium-poisoning case four years ago. You should remember who I am,” said Rory Jonas.

Benjamin replied in a low voice, “Please go ahead, Mr. Jonas.”

“I regret to inform you that the surveillance footage in the aquarium that had been destroyed that year has already been restored. Now, you’re officially under arrest!”

The insurance broker also said, “Due to the seriousness of this case, I’ve always kept the surveillance footage that was destroyed, hoping that it could be restored one day. And now, the footage is finally restored!”

Once again, the footage was shown on the screen. It was indeed Benjamin who had poured the pesticide into more than a hundred fish tanks. The surveillance footage clearly showed how the Arowana fish lost their lives in a couple of minutes.

Rory said, “Thanks to the skillful guy that Mr. Campbell had found, we were able to restore the original footage back in such a short span of time!”

Donald questioned, “Do you have anything else to say now?”

Benjamin could feel his vision turning black. He felt as if he was going to collapse at any time.

“Please follow me, Benjamin,” Rory said in a low voice. He had been investigating this case for nearly five years because it involved a huge sum of money. Recently, the surveillance footage was mostly restored, and coincidentally, Donald called Bradley over to help, fixing it almost instantly.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m still here for you. Follow Mr. Jonas first. I will find the best lawyer for you,” Starlyn softly reassured him.

Afterward, Benjamin was placed in handcuffs. He then followed Rory out the door.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The sound of applause suddenly filled the room. It was from Rupert.

“As expected from someone who was raised in a prestigious family! You usually keep a low profile, but when you strike, you’d surely defeat your enemies. That’s such a mind-blowing act, Mr. Campbell. Even though the case had taken place nearly five years ago and the evidence was already blurry, you still managed to gather and restore all the evidence. Even the Southeast Aplothians were dragged all the way here because of you.”

Upon hearing his words, Gideon and the others instantly narrowed their eyes.

He’s right. One would require a lot of power to be able to pull this off. Is Donald even that capable?

Donald ignored what Rupert was saying. He glanced over at Reina and said, “Is your heart finally at peace?”

There was a gentle gaze in Reina’s gaze eyes as she thanked Donald profusely, “Thank you, Donald. Thank you very much.”

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