Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 230

Chapter 230 A Lavish Show

Out of the blue, Reina stood on her tiptoes and kissed Donald on his cheek without bothering the crowd in the room.

Donald was stunned. He looked at Jennifer subconsciously.

She was watching them with no expression on her face, seemingly unshaken.

Donald sighed inwardly. It seems that everything is over.

“I am curious indeed, Mr. Campbell. After you leave the Campbell clan, did you cultivate your power?” asked Rupert, perplexed.

Donald glanced at him indifferently.

If not for your influential and powerful father, I would have broken your neck right now.

Rupert was not angry despite being ignored by Donald. He smiled as he adjusted his spectacles and then sat down.

“Ms. Anderson, can we talk about the delivery of the machines now?” asked Donald.

Starlyn’s face was menacing as she shrieked, “In your dreams! Don’t you even dare to think about it! I’m telling you now. Don’t get c***y. The most you can do is put Benjamin under arrest. You can’t do the same to me. If you want to get the machines delivered, I can do that. However, I want ten times the price!”

She continued, “Reina, you too, don’t be pleased with yourself! How can you compare with me? I am from the Anderson family. I have the Anderson family from Durbaine behind me. Furthermore, I have got a land reclamation project worth two billion. Pollerton Heavy Machinery Industry is in my hands. And you? You’re no more than a weed. A weed without any roots! I can easily control your fate. Look, this building with a value of one billion three hundred million is mine. I have seven to eight luxurious cars worth more than ten million in my garage. Well, how much working capital do you have?”

After she finished her words, she regained her composure and glanced at Reina with an arrogant look.

“Seven to eight luxurious cars worth more than ten million? A building with a value of one billion three hundred million? Pollerton Heavy Machinery Industry is yours?” Donald repeated and let out a few snickers.

Then, the sounds of roaring engines rang from outside the window. All of them looked up and saw two helicopters circling in the air.

The crowd was utterly shocked.

The helicopters were pink, which would capture the hearts of the women.

Most of all, there were large words on the helicopters that read Reina One and Reina Two respectively.

That unmistakably showed that the two helicopters belonged to Reina.

“Oh my! The fourth-generation civil helicopters! They are worth about fifty million each!” Michael boomed. That type of civil helicopter was produced in limited numbers. Hence, it was difficult to buy one even if one was wealthy.

Reina looked toward Donald with glittering eyes.

After that, the crowd heard swooshing sounds on the street.

Donald’s cousin, Derrick, could not suppress his curiosity as he leaned on the window and poked himself out. He was astounded by the scene in front of his eyes.

Countless luxury cars are parked on the ground floor of Stardew International.

There were twelve Koenigsegg worth more than fifty million and twenty customized Rolls-Royce.

Moreover, two of the Rolls-Royces were simply breathtaking. They looked like antiques with signatures all over the car bodies.

They were the first and second Rolls-Royce in Pollerton. The signatures on them were autographs of the chief engineers.

Their value as collections was more than two hundred million.

A distance away, a hundred motorcycles were parked in a line with their hazard lights turned on. Together, they stretched a huge banner that wrote: To Reina, the more efforts you make, the more fortunate you get.

Those motorcycles were all Harley-Davidson and cost a bomb.

Such a lavish display of wealth was not something that could be done with mere money.

It was indeed a stunning view. Stardew International was surrounded by luxury cars, and it had caused a massive stir among the crowd.

Everyone, including Nigel and Rupert, could not help but look out of the window. They were all dumbfounded by the sight.

Both Nigel and Rupert were children of rich and prominent families. They had witnessed a lot of great things in their lives, but they were not capable of creating such a lavish show.

Even though they were wealthy and powerful, they could never do the same thing.

Just the two Rolls-Royces of thirty years of age alone were enough to defeat them completely.

The crowd turned to look at Reina and Donald.

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