Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 231

Chapter 231 The Downfall Of Starlyn

The one behind it was none other than Donald.

As the helicopters landed on the ground floor of Stardew International, three people got out of it.

Starlyn recognized all of them.

They were the three most crucial shareholders of Pollerton Heavy Machinery Industry.

The three of them each held a sheet of paper and walked straight to Conference Room Two. “Ms. Wilson, congratulations. Pollerton Heavy Machinery Industry is now yours,” they said.

At once, Starlyn roared, “We have already signed the contract! Pollerton Heavy Machinery Industry has been fully purchased by us, hasn’t it?”

One of the shareholders sneered, “Ms. Anderson, don’t you know that we can always breach the contract?”

Reina, who was so confused at the moment, took the document from them. She felt as if she was in a dream.

“Besides, I have bad news for you, Ms. Anderson. The bid you won has been withdrawn because General Felton doesn’t like your tactics in business.”

With his one sentence, Starlyn had lost everything.

“No, this is impossible! I want to see General Felton. Let me see him!” Starlyn began to go insane.

Reina looked out of the window, then at the document in her hand. Her eyes reddened again. All of a sudden, she dashed toward Donald and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her cherry-red lips pressed onto Donald’s lips without hesitation.

Donald was so surprised that he had forgotten to resist.

At that, Jennifer turned her head away. Nonetheless, a tinge of sorrow and pain covered her eyes.

A long while later, Reina rested on his chest. Her face blushed as she said shyly, “I’m sorry. I was a bit excited…”

Donald was speechless. “It’s all right…”

Reina continued to feel embarrassed. “It feels good.”

Donald was at a loss for words.

“I’ll take responsibility for this.” Reina smiled.

Starlyn gritted her teeth and glared at the two of them ferociously before turning to leave.

Since Pollerton Heavy Machinery Industry did not belong to Starlyn anymore, there was no reason for the others to stay. Therefore, the crowd began to leave as well.

Before Rupert left, he cast a meaningful glance at Donald.

Meanwhile, Gideon and the others had a bad feeling. Tyrone would surely be fuming with rage if the bid Stardew International won had truly been canceled.

He might even come to Pollerton.

If Tyrone came, the first thing he would do was to finish off Donald.

Hence, Gideon glanced at Donald sympathetically before he left.

Soon, there were only Donald, Jennifer, and Reina in the conference room.

Jennifer got to her feet and said coldly to Donald, “I want a word with Reina alone.”

Upon hearing that, Donald turned and left without saying anything. He closed the door of the conference room behind him, leaving the two women inside.

That was the first time Reina felt helpless in front of Jennifer because the latter was staring right into her eyes.

After a long time, Jennifer sighed. “How long has it been?”

Reina was stunned. “What do you mean?”

Jennifer bit her lip. “How long have you been dating Donald?”

Reina came to a realization and answered, “He has never accepted me. It’s just my one-sided love.”

After a slight pause, Reina said, “Donald has always loved you, but have you ever thought of his feelings?”

Reina, feeling bitter in her heart, looked directly at Jennifer.

I should be trying my best to tear Jennifer and Donald apart, but why did the words that linger in my mouth become different when I said them out?

Jennifer was silent for a long time before she sighed. “Let’s not talk about this. Why has Pollerton Heavy Machinery Industry become yours?”

“It’s not just me who is behind this. It’s a joint venture between Charles, Lana, and me,” replied Reina.

Jennifer understood instantly.

Reina continued, “I will start manufacturing your machines soon, but how about your start-up capital?”

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