Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 232

Chapter 232 Someone Is Spying On The Laboratory

Jennifer glanced at Reina gratefully and said, “I’ll find a way to get the capital. If there are no other ways, I’ll just get a loan from Cosmic Bank.”

Both fell silent after that. Jennifer stood up and uttered, “Please treat Donald well. I think he and I are not meant to be together.”

Gazing at Jennifer’s back as she left, Reina let out a deep sigh and didn’t speak a word.

The incident that happened at Stardew International led to an uproar among the citizens of Pollerton instantly. Many luxury cars and even two fourth-generation civil helicopters were seen there. They did not expect that all these lavish assets belonged to Reina.

That made a lot of people re-evaluate Reina’s capability.

It was amazing that an ordinary person like her was able to get to where she was now.

Finally, Starlyn met Wyvern King, Kingsley Felton.

Kingsley wore a white shirt. His eyes were narrow and long, and his expression was cold. It was evident that he was not someone to be messed with.

“Mr. Kingsley, please give me an explanation,” Starlyn said.

Kingsley glanced at her indifferently. “You have messed with the wrong person. In addition, I don’t like your way of doing things. Hence, our collaboration ends here. I’m very busy. Please get lost now. If you don’t, I will destroy the Anderson family too.”

Starlyn shuddered right away at Kingsley’s gaze. She then left the place as quickly as she could.

Kingsley was definitely a ruthless figure. In Quadfield, he was a formidable and terrifying man.

Gideon and Starlyn talked on the phone and confirmed that the bid was canceled. In other words, he didn’t complete any of the tasks that had been assigned to him by Tyrone!

After contemplating it for a long time, Gideon finally gave Tyrone a call. “Mr. Campbell, the mission has failed!”

The moment he finished his words, he held his breath apprehensively. Cold sweat beaded across his forehead.

It was because the other end of the phone was Tyrone Campbell, the Ninth Prince out of the Campbell clan’s eleven Princes.

He was an amazing character from the five-hundred-year-old prominent family!

Tyrone’s voice was a little weak and hoarse as he said, “I got it. I’ll go to Pollerton in person soon.”

After hanging up the phone, Gideon seemed to have lost all his strength. He slumped on the chair and breathed heavily.

Meanwhile, Donald arrived at the Supreme Villa of Pollerton Estates.

The obscured basement had been renovated into a huge laboratory. Various advanced instruments and LCD screens were placed all over the room, with a lot of statistics displayed on the screens.

Bradley, who wore a beige-colored suit was monitoring the statistics. He immediately saluted Donald when he saw Donald approaching. “Lord Campbell!”

Donald reached out his hands. “What’s the situation now?”

“We have confirmed there is a laboratory, which is classified as S6-Grade in Pollerton. I have captured a ray of radio waves, but I couldn’t locate its precise coordinates. It seems like the flash drive that Lady Jennifer holds may contain the coordinates of this S6-Grade laboratory!” Bradley said.

“Are you sure that Noah is the head of this S6-Grade laboratory?” Donald asked in a deep voice.

Bradley replied, “I’m not sure. However, what is certain is that Papillon must be involved.”

“All right. I’ll get the flash drive from Jennifer tonight. Monitor everything closely,” Donald remarked.

While they were talking, Donald’s phone rang. It was Lilith.

“Lord Campbell, please come over. Someone is spying on the laboratory.” Lilith’s voice sounded anxious.

Donald narrowed his eyes. What’s the grade of the Rising Dragon Project’s laboratory? It’s S7-Grade! It’s a precision-strike system for land warfare. If it’s outfitted with intercontinental missiles or some other strategic weapons, it can strike precisely throughout the world, with an accuracy of thirty centimeters. Moreover, it could be hidden from any defense system.

“Where is it?” Donald asked.

“Pollerton Road No. 81!” Lilith answered.

Donald turned around immediately. He drove an ordinary Audi S3 and headed toward Pollerton Road No. 81.

Pollerton Road No. 81 covered an area of more than thirty thousand square meters. It looked like a substation of the city council, and there was nothing special about it from its appearance.

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