Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 233

Chapter 233 I Found Him

Donald had never expected that the Rising Dragon Project would be set up there.

A Mercedes-Benz Brabus was parked at the door. Lilith wore a face mask and waved her hand at Donald when she saw him.

After getting into the car, Donald glanced around and asked, “Have you found anything?”

Lilith replied, “I’m about to enter the laboratory in three days. The alarm system that I set up went off just now. Someone was scanning here with cutting-edge equipment.”

Donald raised his head and gazed at Pollerton Road No. 81. It looked pretty old, and the wall had already peeled off. The fence was covered with iron wires and numerous electrical wires.

“Can you trace him?” Donald asked in a deep voice.

Lilith shook her head. “No, I can’t. Because it could be a car, or it could even be a drone.”

Her eyes were full of worry. If the substation of the city council was discovered to be an S7-Grade laboratory, it will lead to an unpredictable amount of losses. In addition, if the key data of the Rising Dragon Project are leaked, it would definitely cause a devastating blow to us!

This was because the statistics of the land warfare precision-strike system were obtained from the S9-Grade Laboratory of Quadfield. At that time, the statistics were incomplete. Lilith spent a few years completing various kinds of data. Now, the system had become the most advanced precision-strike system for land warfare in the world!

“Don’t worry first. When did the alarm go off?” Donald asked.

Lilith raised her watch to check the time. “Twenty-three minutes and fifty-six seconds ago.”

“I got it. This person wouldn’t have gone too far, and he must be within a radius of fifteen kilometers. Whether he is driving a car, walking, or driving a motorcycle, he will be within fifteen kilometers. That’s because the speed limit is forty kilometers. He will absolutely follow the traffic rules as he will not want to attract anyone’s attention. Wait for me here. I’ll get back to you within an hour.” With that, he took out a gold mask and a gold cape from his Audi S3. Then, he vanished into the dark night.

In the dark night, Donald stood on the roof of a hundred-meter-tall building. He was hiding in the dark and staring around.

The streets were full of vehicles that constantly moved without stopping and were densely covered by pedestrian traffic that looked like ants.

“Everything is fine in the northwest direction.” Bradley’s voice was heard from behind the mask. It was a wireless earpiece.

“Nothing’s wrong in the southeast direction too,” Bradley added.

Donald’s eyesight was incredibly good, and he didn’t respond. After looking down for more than ten minutes, he finally uttered, “No need to look for him anymore. I saw him.”

In Donald’s sight, there was a young man, who looked like he was in his twenties wearing a headset three kilometers away. He was carrying a travel bag and sitting on a motorcycle with his eyes closed.

There was nothing suspicious about him. He would just be an unremarkable person on any pedestrian street. Yet, Donald found him.

With a leap, Donald jumped to another building. He stared at the young man from a distance of four or five miles away.

The young man seemed to have arrived at his destination. He paid the transport fare, then got on a bus. Lastly, he walked toward the subway station.

Ten minutes later, he alighted at the subway station and went to an ordinary residential area. He then went up to the third floor.

He opened the room door. As soon as he switched on the light, his pupils immediately constricted.

On the couch, there was a man who wore a gold mask and gold cape staring at him indifferently. His mask revealed nothing but his eyes.

“Who are you? Why did you enter my house?” the young man yelled, his face full of anger. It looked as if there was nothing out of the ordinary.

“I will break your neck right away if you keep pretending.” Donald’s baritone voice sounded cold.

“Who on earth are you? I’ll call the police if you don’t leave now,” the young man shouted.

Donald got up and gazed at the young man’s backpack. He sneered, “Since I have already arrived at your house, do you think this would happen without any reason?”

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