Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Kidnapped

The young man suddenly calmed down as his face turned pale. He asked, “How did you know?”

That, in itself, was a confession.

Donald chuckled and said, “How could you be an ordinary man when you’re carrying a load weighing one hundred and fifty catties with such ease?”

The young man peered at his backpack. He relentlessly asked, “How did you catch the oddity?”

“I’ve seen this sort of cutting-edge equipment. That motorcycle’s shock absorber got compressed two centimeters shorter, so I could tell that you were different with one look,” explained Donald. All of a sudden, he reached out and pressed the young man’s neck, making the young man unconscious.

Then, he carried the young man in one arm and the backpack in the other. He was about to leave, but he put them down instead.

Two men had appeared in his line of sight.

One was buff with a bowl cut and an old-fashioned weapon in his hand.

It was a Serpent Spear. A cold ray of light reflected off it as the buff man pointed it at Donald.

Meanwhile, the other man had a gold bow and arrow aimed at Donald.

Donald thought, “Kurma under Noah, and someone from the Golden Sagittarius lineage of Papillon?” He wasn’t nervous at all.

“Let him go, and we’ll leave immediately. We’ll pretend nothing happened. In the future, we’ll also avoid any place you go. How’s that?” The hand Kurma held his spear with began to sweat.

It was not their first time facing off against Donald. Donald almost killed Crocodile Lord with one hit.

“A while ago, I noticed someone has been smuggling our people’s urine and saliva samples. Since you’re already here, don’t even think about leaving,” said Donald.

In an instant, Donald let out a burst of energy, which rose his aura to its climax.

At that moment, Donald’s entire being was glowing a golden gleam. It looked like he was a god descended from the heavens.

He was merely standing there, but the divine light from his body lit up his surroundings, and his aura permeated his surroundings. The pressure from his aura made all the dangling objects in the vicinity sway back and forth.

Kurma and the man with the bow found the light piercingly bright. They began hallucinating!

In their eyes, Donald had transformed into a giant golden dragon rising from the abyss, looking down at them with a chilly gaze.

The two immediately backed away and yelled, “This is bad!”

However, they were too late. Kurma only felt that he lost his grip on the Serpent Spear before the spear was taken away from him instantaneously. He then felt a piercing pain between his brows.

When his vision returned to him, he was appalled.

The Serpent Spear had drilled through Kurma’s forehead and pinned him on the wall!

As for the archer, he was already dead on the floor, bleeding from his forehead. His wound was also inflicted by a spear.

In other words, Donald used the spear to first pierce through the archer’s head, then pin Kurma on the wall. All in a fraction of a second!

The flow of fresh blood was unending and a horrifying sight!

Kurma’s lips twitched, then the light in his eyes began fading away into dullness as he died.

“Not a single one of them can even put up a decent fight,” complained Donald as he carried the young man and rushed toward Pollerton Road No. 81.

Half an hour later, Donald handed the young man and the backpack to Lilith. “I found him.”

Lilith’s eyes lit up as she praised, “How did you do it? Lord Campbell, you’re full of surprises.”

“When I found him, I also killed Kurma and a disciple from the Golden Sagittarius lineage of Papillon. Get Chiliad Avion to clean it up,” said Donald.

Lilith answered sweetly, “Okay. I’ll get right on it and immediately start interrogating this young one.”

Donald nodded, then a panicked tone came from the mask. It was Bradley. “Lord Campbell, something horrible has happened. I have committed an atrocious sin, Lord Campbell. Please give me the punishment I deserve!”

“Tell me!” Donald’s voice was composed as usual but loud and resounding.

“Lady Jennifer has been kidnapped!”

With that, fuming flames emerged in Donald’s eyes underneath the mask. They seemed ready to tear the world apart.

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