Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 235

Chapter 235 The Flash Drive

“It was my mistake. I was investigating the people spying on the laboratory,” said Bradley with a tone filled with guilt.

“Send me the address!” Donald’s voice was ice-cold.

Almost instantaneously, the address and information of the kidnapping were sent to Donald’s phone.

It was Rupert’s doing!

Jennifer was not the only one kidnapped. There were more than a hundred of them, and they had all been in contact with Sara before.

At that time, everyone was held hostage in an abandoned chemical plant in the suburbs.

Soon, Ryan also rushed over tirelessly. “Mr. Campbell…”

Donald glanced at Ryan coldly. Donald’s icy eyes sent a chill down Ryan’s spine.

Ryan said apologetically, “Ms. Wilson is still safe for now. However, we don’t dare to enter the chemical plant in the western suburbs because countless bombs are buried there. Furthermore, there is a touch-activated bomb. It has as much firepower as three TNTs!”

“Has Rupert gone mad?” The malice in Donald’s eyes was overflowing.

Ryan said, “We can’t prove Rupert is behind this because he wasn’t at the crime scene. The only ones there were Python and Xenos Bandit Squad from South Aploth! Taking the hostage’s safety into account, we can’t blindly charge in!”

There were dozens of abandoned buildings in the western suburban chemical plant. More than one hundred people were gathered in the deepest parts of the buildings with their hands and feet tied together. Surrounding them were over thirty masked men armed with submachine guns monitoring them.

Python had a little girl in his arms. He yelled at the hostages, “Does anyone recognize this little girl?”

Some appeared to be thinking, while others had confused looks.

There were cashiers from supermarkets, toy store owners, and old ladies from the neighborhood who shared a conversation with Sara among the hundred or so hostages. Jennifer was also in the crowd.

Nonetheless, every one of the hundred or so hostages had interacted with Sara before. They were all the most likely suspects to possess the flash drive.

Many hostages shook their heads and began crying. “I don’t know her.”

The look in Python’s eyes turned cold. He raised the gun in his hand slightly. In a flash, he shot the crying middle-aged woman in the head.


The scene sent a chill through many of the hostages’ bodies. They began trembling in fear.

Jennifer was shaking too because she had the flash drive with her!

“Come here, Sara. Tell me, who did you give the flash drive to?” Python carried Sara in his arms as he weaved through the crowd.

He lifted the chin of a middle-aged man wearing glasses and asked, “Is it him?”

A look of fear fell on Sara’s face, but she shook her head and said, “No.”

“Then, did you give it to her?” Python walked up to a supermarket cashier and put Sara in front of her.

Before Sara could say anything, the cashier cried out in desperation, “I really don’t know anything about a flash drive! Please just let me go!”


With the sound of another gunshot, Python fired his gun without any hesitation and killed the cashier.

Jennifer drooped her head and bit her lip.

She suddenly felt a shadow hovering above her. She looked up and saw Python put Sara down in front of her. He greeted, “We meet again, Ms. Wilson.”

Jennifer’s smile was forced and pale.

Python asked, “Do you have the flash drive?”

Jennifer shook her head in denial.

Python asked gently, “Sara, did you give the flash drive to this pretty lady?”

In an instant, all Jennifer could feel was her heart pounding.

Yet, Sara still shook her head. She said, “I really don’t remember.”

Python chuckled. He was in no rush, so he continued his questioning.

Suddenly, a tall and burly man’s eyes lit up when he saw Jennifer. He said, “This chick doesn’t look half bad. I need to let out some steam.”

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