Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Bomb Threat

That burly man was none other than Tyler Xenos, the leader of Xenos Bandit Squad from South Aploth.

Ten years ago, Xenos Bandit Squad had become famous in a battle where they slaughtered two hundred private armed forces with only thirteen men. They then broke into the palace to wreak havoc. In the end, it was the emperor himself who personally drove them out.

“Boss, count us in as well.” A group of twelve men approached from behind as they shot lustful gazes at Jennifer. “It’s been a long time since we last saw a young beauty like her!”

Panic-stricken, Jennifer was in utter despair.

She could see wicked desire and barbarity in the eyes of those thirteen men.

Only torture and misery would be waiting for her if she fell into their hands.

Python slowly turned his head and said nonchalantly, “Ms. Rodriguez will be arriving soon. You guys better not create unnecessary trouble until we get our hands on the flash drive.”

Tyler could not care less as he refuted, “Oh, come on. Even if Chiliad Avion of Pollerton were here, we could still manage to drive them all away!”

As he finished his sentence, he walked to Jennifer and stared down at her loftily.

Just as he was reaching his hand out toward her cheeks, Anastasia arrived in her high heels.

“How’s it? Did you get anything?” Anastasia scanned the vicinity, her gaze lingering on Jennifer for a moment.

Python shook his head. “Nope.”

“The people from Chiliad Avion will be here at any moment. Is the bomb ready yet?” questioned Anastasia as she cast a peek out the window.

Outside the chemical plant in the western suburbs, the specialized police units already had that place surrounded. Ryan announced, “I don’t know what’s your motive, but please don’t hurt the hostages. State whatever terms you may have!”

Frustrated, Anastasia shouted at Sara, “Little brat, spit it out right now! Who did you give the flash drive to?”

Sara was so frightened that instantly burst into tears. She instinctively turned and looked at Jennifer, who was among the crowd.

Anastasia followed her gaze only to see that the girl was gazing at Jennifer. Placing the little girl down on the floor, Anastasia then strode over to Jennifer. “Hello, Ms. Wilson.”

Jennifer asked, “What you do want?”

Anastasia chuckled, waving her hand. Seeing that, Python carried the little girl over to her. “Say, Sara, do you know this lady?”

The little girl was shuddering as she nodded. “Y-Yes.”

Oh, no! Jennifer felt something was amiss at once.

Caressing the little girl’s head, Anastasia praised, “Good girl!”

She then touched Jennifer’s face slowly. “Hand it over, Ms. Wilson.”

“I seriously don’t know what flash drive you’re talking about,” replied Jennifer.

Anastasia pressed on, “Oh, really?”

The next moment, she raised her gun and shot a man next to her directly in his forehead. That man died on the spot. “Look at that! If you don’t hand it over, they’re all going to die. Wouldn’t your conscience hurt when so many lives are lost because of you? Now, let me ask you again. Where’s the flash drive?”

Her words instantly caused an uproar among the hostages. “Miss, just give it to her. Don’t get us killed!”

“I’m begging you!”

“Yes, hand it over now! We’re all innocent!”

Sounds of anguished cries pierced through the air as the hostages glared at Jennifer balefully.

At first, Jennifer wanted to shake her head, but she was afraid that Anastasia might kill another person. Thus, she could only keep quiet.

With an icy expression on her face, Anastasia ordered, “Bring me the bomb.”

Tyler then cautiously brought over a bomb that connected with a bunch of entangled wires before encircling them around Jennifer’s body.

Jennifer was so frightened that she was trembling all over, and her entire back was drenched in sweat.

“Here, hold this.” Anastasia pressed both of Jennifer’s hands onto the bomb. “Ms. Wilson, make sure you don’t loosen your grip because this is a touch-activated bomb. Unless there’s another person applying pressure on it, it’ll explode the second you let it slip out of your hands. Just so you know, it’s as powerful as three tonnes of TNT. You certainly wouldn’t want your pretty face to be blasted into pieces, would you? If you continue to be stubborn, we could always tie your parents up with you as a family reunion.”

Anastasia flashed a devilish grin as she finished speaking.

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