Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 238

Chapter 238 Time Is Ticking

Linda could not help but take a few steps back. “I-I—”

“Switch it to Kevin instead, then!” stated Anastasia.

“No way!” Four voices sounded in unison as soon as Anastasia’s words were spoken.

Kevin was the first to speak. He sobbed, “No way! I’m still young. I don’t want to die! I don’t want the bomb! Please, I don’t want it!”

Then Linda spoke. “No! Kevin is my only son. We need him to continue our family’s lineage! But Jennifer doesn’t matter that much. She’s expendable.”

The third one who spoke was Leonard. “No way! Kev is my son. I don’t want to attend my own son’s funeral!”

The last one to speak was Jennifer. “Forget it. Let them go, Ms. Rodriguez.”

Jennifer’s tears were flowing freely down her cheeks.

She was really questioning what human nature meant.

At present, both Leonard and Linda vividly demonstrated the dark side of human nature.

She wondered why Kevin and herself received different treatment although they were both the children of Leonard and Linda.

Leonard and Linda’s mindsets had always made them value their son over their daughter. Jennifer was aware of that, but she had never spoken it out loud.

After all, she was clear that despite their bias, they were still her parents who had raised her.

A bitter feeling arose in her heart. To protect her family, she had completely separated herself from Donald.

Is this even worth it for these people? Well, I guess it isn’t.

“Ms. Rodriguez, I beg you. Please let them go.” Jennifer’s eyes darkened as she fell to her knees.

The time bomb continued to tick, and the displayed time showed that there was only one minute left before the explosion.

Linda and the rest knelt on the ground as well. “Yeah, right! Please release us now!”

However, Anastasia burst into laughter. “This is pathetic! Look at you, Jennifer. I must say that I sympathize with you at this moment!”

Jennifer remained silent as tears continued rolling silently down her cheeks.

“Let’s go!” Linda glanced at the countdown timer. Pushing Kevin’s bed away, she was ready to run without another backward glance.

Leonard followed her, staggering as he broke into a light sprint.

Jennifer watched the three of them leave the place.

They left with such resolution and without the slightest hint of hesitation.

Seeing that, she closed her eyes in agony.

“So long, Ms. Wilson.” Anastasia waved the flash drive in her hand and then lifted the submachine gun in her hand, aiming it at Linda, Leonardo, and Kevin who were about to run away. She was about to take all of them down.

Just then, a golden flash shone before their eyes. A man in a golden cloak and golden mask appeared and instantly wrapped his fingers around Anastasia’s neck, lifting her in the air as he strangled her.

“Golden Lord!” Anastasia shrieked loudly as terror filled her eyes.

With his left hand, Donald dislocated Anastasia’s shoulders. The submachine gun in her hand instantly dropped to the ground, and the flash drive fell into his hand.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

It was ten seconds before the bomb exploded.

“Run, Ms. Rodriguez!” Tyler rushed forward and immediately spotted Donald. Momentarily stunned, he then yelled, “Careful!”

Tyler had spent most of his time in South Aploth. Hence, he knew a thing or two about the Golden Lord being a notorious killer.

Jennifer opened her eyes, and she shuddered violently.

Why are those eyes so familiar?

Then a name popped up in her mind—Donald!

Donald turned around and approached Jennifer. He took the time bomb in his hand and pressed on the chip. “Everything’s fine now.”

Jennifer looked up. As she met the eyes of the masked man, she found herself stunned again.

He’s Donald! Those eyes could only be Donald’s! Besides, this man is willing to switch the bomb to himself for my sake. Who else could he be other than Donald?

“Y-You—” Jennifer stuttered in agitation. “Give me the bomb now! It’s going to explode soon! Come on!”

Beep! The countdown timer was reset to five minutes.

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