Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 239

Chapter 239 Lord Campbell

Donald turned to Anastasia. “You deserve to die, as does Noah!”

“We hold no grudges against each other, Golden Lord. I’ll give you five hundred million. No, I’ll give you two billion! And you leave Pollerton now. How does that sound?” Anastasia gazed at him somewhat sinisterly.

Tyler returned to Building No. 9. He gathered around thirty armed masked men and regained control of the hostages.

He glanced at their surroundings and suddenly realized something was wrong.

A few men in green armor had appeared, looking much like soldiers of the ancient armies. They were deactivating the bombs with quick motions as they swiftly approached Building No. 9.

“It’s the Horizon Group!” Tyler instantly felt an intense sense of doom as he yelled, “Stop right there! If you come forward, then there are more than a hundred hostages here who will go down with us!”

As expected, the Horizon Group stopped in their footsteps. They raised their heads and looked at Tyler with cold glints in their eyes.

Meanwhile, Donald was teasing Anastasia. “Was the death of Four-Faced Angel not enough as a warning for you?”

As he spoke, he roared at Jennifer, “Go now!”

“The bomb is exploding soon!” Jennifer looked at Donald anxiously. She kept staring at his eyes, as she wanted to take a closer look at his face, but she still failed to do so.

“Go to Building No. 3! Your presence here will only make things even more difficult for me!” Donald stated coldly.

Jennifer stood up at once upon hearing his words. “What about the bomb?”

“Get lost!” Donald was getting impatient.

With that, Jennifer left for Building No. 3, glancing backward several times as she went. At this moment, Ryan was in charge of Building No. 3, which was a few hundred meters away from Donald’s location.

Anastasia smiled miserably. “I guess there is no way out for me, huh?”

“You’re right,” Donald said as he took off his mask.

After she got a good look at Donald’s face, her pupils constricted. “It’s you! I never expect you to be the Golden Lord! How is this possible?”

No one would expect Donald, the man everyone overlooked, to be the Golden Lord.

However, what happened next made Anastasia even more flabbergasted.

Kingsley walked out from the shadows and knelt on one knee before Donald. “Lord Campbell, please pass me the bomb!”

Lying on the ground, Anastasia was so shocked that she even forgot how to breathe.

“Lord Campbell? You’re Lord Campbell as well, and Lord Campbell is the same person as Golden Lord?” she exclaimed.

No one would have thought that Donald, the man everyone looked down upon, was Golden Lord.

What was more shocking was that the notorious Golden Lord was Lord Campbell himself.

He’s both Lord Campbell and Golden Lord?

Anastasia could not think straight, as she was overwhelmed by the secret that was being unveiled before her eyes.

Donald put on his mask again. “Not only you, but your brother, Rupert, and your father, Noah, will be dead, too. My mission is to eliminate Noah!”

“Ahhh! I will finish you off! I will take your life now!” Anastasia shrieked shrilly.

“You’re the one who caused the injury on Jennifer’s face, aren’t you?” Donald fixed his gaze on her right hand. The next moment, he leaped and stomped on it.

Crack! As a loud cracking sound rang out, Anastasia let out a piercing scream.

“Search for Python’s location. I will go after him later!” Donald instructed.

Kingsley left immediately.

Beep! Beep!

The sound of the bomb counting down rang out again.

Anastasia laughed. “You won’t survive this either! The bomb will explode in thirty seconds! Who would have thought that I could take Lord Campbell with me in my moment of death? I guess my death is worthwhile, then!”

Donald looked at her and mocked, “This bomb equals three tonnes of TNT bombs. Didn’t your father ever tell you how I once came out of his exploding armory unharmed?”

Anastasia instantly shouted, “No!”


The bomb exploded. In an instant, the entire building was reduced to ruins while smoke and dust filled the air.

The aftershock made the ground tremble. Donald, who was holding the bomb, remained at his spot, utterly unharmed.

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