Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 240

Chapter 240 Eliminated

A faint golden light was emanating from his body, and he had managed to suppress the explosion in a small area.

As the smoke and dust swirled around him, he muttered to himself, “My power is getting weak. Back then, I could contain the explosion within my palm.”

With a sigh, he made his way out of the place and headed toward Building No. 9.

Jennifer heard the sound of an explosion and saw the mushroom cloud in the sky. Her eyes instantly darkened as she rushed outside the building in panic. “Donald?”

She came to the ruins but found nothing within it.

“Ms. Wilson, for safety purposes, it’s better that we go back.” Ryan ran toward her.

“Tell me the truth. Is the man behind the golden mask Donald?” Jennifer gazed at Ryan anxiously.

Ryan did not know how to respond to her question. He said, “I have no idea, but I guess not?”

“Lend me your phone!” Jennifer requested.

Ryan passed his phone to her, and Jennifer made a phone call to Donald. “Donald, I’m Jennifer. Where are you now?”

Donald picked up the phone as he made his way to Building No. 9. “I’m driving now and am on the way back to the office. What’s the matter?”

“N-Nothing much.” Jennifer sighed and hung up the phone. She had indeed heard sounds coming from the other side of the phone, which seemed to be the sounds of a car’s engine.

Besides, the man in the golden mask should be dead by now. A human being couldn’t possibly stay alive after holding a bomb that exploded in his hands. But why would that man save me?

Jennifer pondered for a moment, but she still felt an uneasiness. With that, she requested, “Please send me to Rivebale Hotel, Lana’s company.”

Ryan smiled wryly. Despite that, he still proceeded with the arrangement to send her there.

In Building No. 9, Python, Tyler, and the rest heard the explosion as well.

“Ms. Rodriguez is dead, and Golden Lord should be dead too. I saw him holding the bomb in his hands with my own eyes,” Tyler stated.

Python’s face turned pale. “No, that’s impossible. He once blew up Mr. Rodriguez’s armory in Golden Triangle but came out unharmed. He is not a human.”

The next moment, Python saw Donald entering and approaching them.

“Stop right there, Golden Lord. I will kill these hostages if you come closer,” Python threatened.

Donald remained silent as his body turned into a beam of golden light and penetrated Python’s body with lightning speed.

When he stopped, he was holding Python’s head in his hand!

The members of Xenos Bandit Squad were instantly shocked to the core.

What kind of power is that? Python is one of the Twelve Divine Deities! Yet, this man had managed to rip off his head before he could even fight back?

“Golden Lord, please let us go. We promise not to step foot in Yorksland ever again!” Tyler begged.

“Haven’t you ever heard that mercenaries are prohibited in Yorksland?” Donald spoke indifferently and then lifted his hand slowly. “Finish them off!”

In the next instant, In the next instant, he stepped down lightly with his right foot.

With that, over a dozen pebbles flew into the air and pierced through the foreheads of the members of Xenos Bandit Squad faster than the speed of bullets.

The Xenos Bandit Squad instantly fell dead.

The remaining thirty masked men were eliminated by Kingsley instead. He was so fast that even the hostages did not see him move.

“Go home now, all of you,” Donald instructed.

“Thank you, sir. Thank you so much!” the hostages thanked Donald profusely, gazing at him with gratitude in their eyes.

Then Ryan approached Donald and whispered in his ears, “Ms. Wilson went to Lana’s place to look for you.”

Meanwhile, when Jennifer arrived at Rivebale Hotel, she saw Donald, Lana, and Reina sitting together, chatting and laughing cheerily.

Jennifer observed that as she stood by the door, and a sense of relief appeared in her eyes.

Then she slowly approached them and looked at Donald. In a gentle voice, she asked, “Donald, are you… all right?”

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