Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 241

Chapter 241 The Laboratory

Jennifer’s eyes were fixed on Donald’s.

Those eyes were familiar yet strange, and they were the same as those she had just seen earlier.

Donald responded with a nod. “I’m fine. What’s the matter?”

Jennifer shook her head, letting out a bitter chuckle inwardly. I guess he isn’t the Golden Lord.

“Nothing much,” she replied and left the place.

She did not even greet Lana and Reina.

Donald watched her leave with a gentle look in his eyes.

“Despite the divorce, she still has a place in your heart, doesn’t she?” Lana asked.

Donald replied, “I’m not a sentimental individual, and not many things spark my interest. However, Jennifer is the first person who managed to enter my heart. It would be impossible to wipe her off my memory. However, I’m also a proud man. I can’t live my life submitting to her and her family. That just isn’t possible. After all, I’m a human with human nature, not a God.”

Hearing that, both Lana and Reina fell into deep contemplation.

“All right, then. Let’s put all that aside first. I will get Bradley to decrypt the flash drive. You two analyze the coordinates,” he said.

Bradley came over soon with a gold-colored laptop in his hands.

“Only a tycoon would use that laptop,” Lana remarked.

Donald remained silent.

It was a laptop with tremendous processing power created in the S9-Grade laboratory in Quadfield, which was the same place Donald’s Polaris System laptop originated from.

“Bernie is a top-tier hacker. This flash drive has over ninety layers of encryption. The only people possessing the ability to decipher this flash drive within the country are those in the Criminal Investigation Department,” Bradley explained.

Bradley proceeded with the deciphering as he typed on the keyboard without stopping. Ten minutes later, he successfully decrypted the flash drive.

The first thing they saw was the b****y scene in which Rupert was skinning someone alive.

Reina let out a shriek and covered her eyes, instantly ashen-faced. Soon after that, she rushed to the trash can and started vomiting.

Lana looked equally sick as well and kept feeling as if she was about to throw up.

Donald stared at the screen with cold eyes. “What a bloodthirsty murderer. He deserves to die.”

“I’ve got it. These texts and characters are those that Papillon uses internally. The rest are the new type of cryptography.” As Bradley went through the pages, a line of weird text appeared. Even Donald could not tell the meaning of those words.

Reina and Lana took out pens and paper as they started to translate the text.

Half an hour later, they rearranged the sequence of those words and managed to obtain a complete message from it.

“Donald, according to the translation, the first part in the flash drive recorded Rupert’s criminal evidence.”

“Rupert is currently working in an S6-Grade laboratory. The laboratory’s focus is genetic research. He had smuggled a thousand sets of citizens’ saliva samples, blood samples, and urine samples into this laboratory. Moreover, this laboratory might be reporting to an S7-Grade or even S9-Grade laboratory!” Lana and Reina explained.

Upon hearing their words, Donald narrowed his eyes.

There were only ten S9 Laboratories in this world, and they were all under the control of powerful nations.

Each of those laboratories was researching technologies ahead of its time.

“S9-Grade… genetic research…” Donald’s eyes turned cold in an instant. “D*mn that Noah!”

Where is the location of the S9-Grade laboratory that carries out genetic research? East Epea has complete control over those laboratories located in the Golden Triangle!

“According to Bernie’s message, this particular laboratory might be developing the genetic medication that targets specifically on Yorksland,” Lana stated.

“She’s right. Fortunately, those thousand sets of blood samples are still in the S6-Grade Laboratory. The authorities haven’t had time to relocate the samples yet,” Reina added.

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