Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Tyrone Arrives

“What are the coordinates?” Donald asked icily.

Reina and Lana then began sketching out a map on a piece of blank paper. The clues that Bernie had left were confusing, and they had to sort through them slowly.

After a full hour, they finally finished drawing the map.

“It’s around the intersection of Dellmoor Street and Pollerton Road, but we can’t be certain about the exact location,” Lana informed.

Bradley immediately opened up the street view of the given location.

There were many buildings constructed at that intersection, which was a main location in the city. All four branches of the intersection had iconic, hundred-meter-tall buildings constructed around them.

“The most likely locations are Cosmic Bank, Tide Insurance Company, Heavenly Business Hub, and World Trade Hub,” Bradley listed as he circled all four buildings in red on the map.

Then, Donald opened up his Polaris System laptop. “Where are Azure Wyvern’s troops?”

In only one minute, thirty soldiers donned in masks and ancient armor appeared on the ninth floor of Rivebale Hotel.

“Lord Campbell!” the soldiers greeted as they knelt down on one knee. They looked at Donald with admiration and enthusiasm.

He was their leader, after all.

In fact, he was essentially their god.

Kingsley, the Wyvern King, showed the utmost respect as he greeted, “Lord Campbell!”

When combined, the soldiers of Azure Wyvern, White Manticore, Phoenix Bird, Black Chelonian, and Griffin, which was led by Donald himself, made up the Horizon Group.

So far, only Azure Wyvern was able to get into Pollerton.

The other four were overseeing things in Quadfield, in charge of protecting the S9-Grade laboratory.

“You’re in charge of this, Kingsley. I’ll give you one day to find out the S6-Grade laboratory’s exact coordinates,” Donald instructed. “When the need arises, I’ll show up personally.”

“Understood!” Kingsley boomed in reply.

The members of the Horizon Group then left.

After that, Donald glanced at Lana and asked, “I have a question, Lana. Why did Papillon kidnap you back then?”

Lana could see the grave look on his face, so she didn’t intend to joke around, either. “Would you believe me if I said I didn’t know?”

“I would,” Donald replied with a nod.

They were two days away from Lilith entering the S7-Grade laboratory of the Rising Dragon Project.

The sun had only just risen. The warm rays of the looming autumn shone down on the earth, signaling an abundant harvest.

Tyrone, the Ninth Prince of the Campbell clan, was entering Pollerton.

His appearance sparked heated discussion in all of Pollerton.

Meanwhile, a private Boeing 747 with golden dragons engraved on its surface landed at the Pollerton International Airport, which shook the entire city.

Almost the entire airport had been cleared out.

Dozens of men dressed in black suits and exuding domineering auras waited in the passage. “The Ninth Prince of the Campbell clan is arriving in Pollerton! Unauthorized personnel must leave.”

The first person to emerge from the private jet was a young man around the age of twenty-six or twenty-seven. He had a frail, sickly look on his face and would let out coughs from time to time.

He wasn’t exactly handsome, but there was a sense of power to him. It was the kind of power that only someone from a family that had been wealthy for over five hundred years could have.

An old man in his seventies or eighties followed behind him. The elderly man was wearing a blue robe and had both of his hands folded behind his back as he looked around. “This is the land of the Rising Dragon. Pollerton’s terrain is complex, and a True Dragon shall soon be born.”

That was exactly what Raymond had said as well.

Gideon had already knelt down outside of the passage with his head lowered. He didn’t dare to look at Tyrone, and he was afraid of even breathing too loudly.

Tyrone let out another cough, and his face grew even paler than before. With a deep voice, he thundered, “Make preparations for everyone to pay their respects.”

“I’ll get things ready right away,” Gideon replied. “Would you like to rest first, Prince Nigel? I’ve already gotten the mansion ready in Pollerton Estates.”

Tyrone nodded in response.

Gideon then straightened up and started going around Pollerton. He informed all the companies that owned over one billion in assets to greet Tyrone, who had just arrived in Pollerton, at nine in the morning the next day.

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