Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Just Like Me

Jennifer, Lana, Reina, Jason, Zayne, and Charles all heard of the news.

Donald heard of it as well, and his eyes fluttered shut elegantly. “Finally, I have a proper opponent!”

On the other hand, Raymond fell silent upon finding out.

Back then, Tyrone had given him a slap to the face.

At the time, Tyrone was only sixteen or seventeen years old, while Raymond was already seventy.

A teenager like Tyrone had not only slapped him but also catastrophically destroyed the Sanctum Branch until it was reduced to nothing but rubble.

Even the Dragon Fide Villa project had been put on hold, and it was still rotting away right then. It had become the country’s biggest unfinished building.

That was the biggest humiliation he had ever experienced in his life.

“Well, his fortune tells me that he isn’t going to make it past thirty,” Raymond whispered to Donald.

“He’s pale, and he keeps coughing. I bet he’s infected with some kind of congenital illness,” Donald remarked. He was not at all affected by Tyrone’s arrival.

Tyrone was just the Ninth Prince of the Campbell clan. That didn’t make him unkillable.

If the Campbell clan was going to turn against him because of Tyrone, then they would definitely have to suffer terrible consequences as well.

If the Campbell clan were to combine all of their power, then they would undoubtedly be able to make Donald retreat for at least a hundred years.

However, there was no need for that.

“I’ll avenge you for how Tyrone slapped you back then,” Donald swore while taking a sip of his tea. “I’ll get the Dragon Fide Villa back on track, too.”

“But—” Raymond began to protest.

“No buts!” Donald cut him off. “If Tyrone Campbell tries to get in my way, then I’ll kill him. If Trevor Campbell tries to stand in my way, then I’ll kill him. If Aaron Campbell tries to stand in my way, then I’ll kill him, too! To put it simply, I’ll kill anyone who tries to stop me! Remember, Grandpa. I’m the one and only Donald.”

His tone was firm as his words of declaration reverberated through the air.

Raymond stared at him with bewilderment in his gaze.

That was because he could no longer see Donald’s face clearly. It was as if the latter was shrouded in a dense fog. On the surface, he looked normal, but there was somehow a messy and chaotic look to him.

“The old man following Tyrone is just like me. You have to be careful,” Raymond warned with a sigh.

Donald simply flashed a nonchalant smile. “Fancy tricks like that are useless in the face of absolute power.”

That showed how confident he was.

Raymond smiled bitterly, then eventually sighed. “Ugh! Time really flies. In just the blink of an eye, ten years have passed.”

“I know how much what happened back then affected you,” Donald responded with a grin.

“Ten years ago, I had a net worth of five billion. If that hadn’t happened, my net worth probably would have grown to tens of billions by now. When I think about it carefully, I was the one in the wrong. With a net worth of ten billion, we would have been able to live a perfect life. Why would I still try to make it into a wealthy family?” Raymond muttered.

“Where’s the gold that you were saving up back then?” Donald questioned absentmindedly.

Raymond’s face darkened instantly.

“Let me tell you something. That fortune you were counting on has been snatched away. We’re living a proper life now, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll find every last person who was involved back then.” After saying that, he set his teacup down on the table and turned to leave.

Raymond’s eyes were closed as if he was lost in his pain.

The business empire he had built from the ground up was destroyed by Tyrone’s ruthless methods in a single night.

In Raymond’s attempt to flee, he had tripped, and a bunch of people had gained benefits from his failure.

Jennifer, who had been out all night, eventually came to the entrance of Pollerton Estates. She looked in the direction of the houses with a complicated expression.

She had seen her parents’ true colors in the chemical plant in the western suburbs.

They only cared about Kevin. They weren’t concerned about her whatsoever.

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